Season Five, Event 159: 1 Hour Descent

quite fun =)
it was my first decent.

cant i continue playing this char in any way?
dropped with 2 minutes left :(
das_hawa wrote:
quite fun =)
it was my first decent.

cant i continue playing this char in any way?
btw found 90 ipd sledgehammer, game trolling me (i ended at 16)
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Wow mptyspacez. Crazy luck there
Spent the first 30 mins of the race watching half my shots fly through packs of enemies without doing any damage, repeatedly needed 5+ clicks to open chests and constantly picked up random nearby shit whenever i tried picking up items. Also had to bail twice to screen+ desyncs. Server felt like it was being run off a toaster mac, fucking awful.

Otherwise a mediocre run until 18, where i got a fine weapon. First time ive chosen not to use lmp with st, the damage added by wed was just way too good to pass up- was 1-shotting blues till the end. Other gear was average.

Dat 150+ damage poleaxe, almost made up for the horrible server bs.

GG all, see you next race.
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i also had crazy amount of desync in this race
the witch at the end of catacombs dropped like 5 yellow. I didn't have any wisdom scroll ... carried them in my inventory, unidentifed till the end :/

can't believe I didn't reach lvl 10 but still managed to rank 798. most people must be celebrating xmas i guess :D

well. 1 hour endless ledge will begin shortly. "see you there, demon" :D
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