Season Five, Event 154: 2 Hour Solo

Got Goldrim:

and thought 'hey, I won't have to change my helm ever again this race'!

Then I got this:

Why does RNG taunt me so?

Face it, all of your suggestions are worse than this idea:
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Aaron Ciccheli, a guy who made millions running Diablo and PoE RMT sites, owns a significant portion of GGG. How's that for a conflict of interest? 7.5% of your supporter pack money goes to this guy.
Actually found/made some good gear this time, got ther belt from the Big archer in the climb.

Cannot find REALITY.SYS. Universe halted.
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Cant wait for the nemesis races!

Zero alchs, zero chaos, one chance at docks which rolled an unusable blue and a couple rare weapons that had no damage mods. If not for that new ipd recipe id have been using whetstoned whites from start to finish. Got 2 extra quicksilvers in sarn but once again, too little too late, and its not like they can make up for terrible weapon rng throughout anyway.

Had to bail twice to terminal desyncs and rerun from dark to western and from sarn to battlefront. The desync in general was brutal and nonstop.

This isnt really GG anymore as results are mostly determined by rng and sync issues, not to mention the still-unmitigated map and zoom hacks. Unlikely ill participate in another season if nothing changes.

Till next time.
IGN: KoTao
Died to a lagspike 2 mins to the end. Would have been 3rd scion :(

IGN: Kemicleave, Kemiranger

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