Season Five, Event 80: 2 Hour Solo

ffs.. I got these as Spectral Thrower. :/
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best gear ive ever had in a race
Did much better points wise in this race. made it fairly easily to 21 and I think 22 is possible.

Merveil dropped a rubbish mallet, but I scoured it, chanced it and altererd it to get on OK weapon, used Fire damage linked to leap slam and farmed up in felshrine.

This time, decent booted dropped on the ledge which helped.


Finally, second time in a row that Crest of Perandus dropped. Is the game trying to tell me something!
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Startup 4min late.

Rushing in get crit stunned by Fire Fury all mobs I dragged behind me hit when on the client I got away-->Dead after 6min in.

Reroll had horrible dropluck. No till end of Act1.

The level 8 weapon first dropped in Upper Prison.

level 12-13 weapons weren't present till level 16 the level 18 weapon was a poor roll.
The level 22 weapon in the end was quiet ok.

Only the 1.45 APS Bastard sword was quiet good for leaping through useless areas.

In not even an hour :)
Completed 2 Challengesunsane wrote:

yep, just wanted to post the same issue.
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