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Khalhys wrote:
Thank you, GGG, for your efforts to end bias of all forms.

Everyone is biased, and it's entirely human. We'd be machines if we weren't prejudiced. The best anyone can do is be aware of that and perform regular reality checks with themselves. It only becomes an issue if someone loses awareness of their own bias and then goes off the deep end.

I'm glad this post is still active months after it started. Most of us aren't jerks; it's nice to see that were all checking up on ourselves whether its completely new people looking into this post or other members keeping track of what pops up in here. Also pot is now legal in several places. I vote mass relocation of all unhappy people.

derp. does pot count as an explicit drug still? I don't want to force you guys to take a public stand however tiny. I won't QQ if this is removed :)
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Chris wrote:
Passive-aggressively accusing us of being bad developers is not useful to anyone.

On that topic, developers have feelings too. I care about the health of my team, and that includes their mental health. Some threads recently have honestly been incredibly hurtful and horrible to read. I have a thick skin, but I will not tolerate the forum causing my developers to feel upset about the reaction to the hard work they're putting in. They love constructive feedback on their work and really like hearing the good and bad points that you've seen in it.

Let me just active-aggressively tell you that you and the rest of the team do an amazing job! :-)While playing and following the news and forum posts, one can definitely feel how much effort you put in the game and how hard you think and try and work to make this game special and enjoyable.

I totally enjoy this game and I even more enjoy the way you deal with feedback and how close you are to the players.

A huge "Thank You!" from one of your fans from the other side of the planet [Germany :3]!
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imo this is going to far by saying what people can and cannot say.. can i get a refund on the hundreds of dollars ive invested in this game? i dont support dictators.
and i read forums often and its mostly people complaining about things that do need to be addressed in ur game.. taking the right away from the people of expressing there opinion is not how u fix the problem, so do us all a favor get off forums and fix the problems that "dozens" of people are having with your game.

your gonna lose money by doing this i hope you understand that. mostly from america especially since that is our 1st amendment right. i know some people will say well this isnt america idiot bla bla bla doesnt matter where ur from you are your own person no one owns you and you can say what u want.goin around telling people what they can and cannot say is like taking a gun shooting urself in the foot.

now go ahead and remove this.. probate me.. lmfao!

bad move GGG bad move.
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Oh and HATE those damn rogue exiles and the idiots that pop the boxes they live in.
So this died in the arse. Hard.
21/05/2018. The day the indie company owned and operated in New Zealand known as GGG died. It is now owned and ultimately at the mercy of Chinese megacorp Tencent.

And Tencent is not renowned for its mercy.
So this died in the arse. Hard.


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SO LETS MAKE THIS CLEAR: out of the frying pan and into the fire?

Why don't you take peoples advice and actually do something with it!!!!

10/10 for Nelson explaining it best


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So I had a recent Email chat with GGG support where they told me that I had a terrible post history. I asked them for evidence of this, and they told me I made an attack thread against Americans.

The thread had actually been titled 'Another fine example of America's intellectual superiority', with a funny youtube video of not so intelligent Americans.

It was clearly a funny, and not a hateful post. Also why am I not equally allowed to practice my beliefs in anti theism and blasphemy on the same level that any theist would be allowed to post about their religious beliefs? Making fun of beliefs is not hate speech.
(b) Personal abuse, foul language, inappropriate subject matter, obscene, harassing, threatening, hateful, or discriminatory or defamatory remarks of any nature ... are not permitted.

- PoE TOS.
Making fun of beliefs is intolerance, which in this context is as close to hate as you're going to get.

When you're mocking someone, it's never about what you think you're saying that matters. It's about how the person or persons you're mocking take it that will decide whether you're telling a friendly joke or making a hateful statement. Basic moderation, that.

All you can do is try to deliver your mockery in a way that seems friendly instead of hostile. Good luck with that.
21/05/2018. The day the indie company owned and operated in New Zealand known as GGG died. It is now owned and ultimately at the mercy of Chinese megacorp Tencent.

And Tencent is not renowned for its mercy.

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