Necro's pure righteous fire build HC, 90% phy dmg reduction, cheap! (5 seconds piety vid) lvl89



Beyond league (theory)
I'll make a RF char someday this league, below the tree I'll try. Again it will use endurance charges with manually cast IC and focus on armour. One thing I still need to check would be which auras I'll be able to run, most probably I'll need to get some aura reservation passives to run 40/40/60 auras

82 points tree: 1.2 82 points RF

101 points tree: 1.2 101 points RF

Old stuff from previous leagues

Invasion leveling guide and "final" build


Leveling will be as EE dual searing bond totem and lightning trap for proccing EE. Searing bond is extremly effective and only requires a 4l with searing bond / increased burning damage / increased totem resistance / blood magic / IIR if 5l. The tree gives us enough life regen for casting stuff which is easier to achieve than with mana and because we don't leech life it also helps with survivalbility. Also life regeneration points will be used in the final build (no respec). If you can get your hand on a searing touch it will boost the damage a lot.

We start with mana, life and totem nodes and EE
27 points

Then go to marauder area for resistances and life/armour
44 points

Then go to duelist area for armour, life and life regeneration
64 points

Then we get damage nodes and extra maximum resistance
80 points

Kill all
Oak (I am going for endurances charges)

When we get enough life regeneration to maintain casting we can respec the first 4 points from mana into more life regeneration.

If we have trouble capping resistances we can use some nodes that are adjacent.

Respec into RF

Tree after respec: 80 points tree after RF respec

A level 17 pof is needed. We can maintain RF with this spec and we'll get extra life regen from endurance charges to help with casting curses and enduring cry. We'll need 2 regret orbs for this respec

"Final build"
109 points build

Hello all,

I made this build pre 1.0.2 and started making a detailed guide about it but didn't finish it. Now in this patch some very nice things have changed in the build with regards to previous patch.

This build offers very good DPS, it is very tanky with 90% physical damage reduction and 100% fire resistance with ruby flask and it is extremely cheap to get ready for maps. In fact, I build up my second RF character from scratch! More about this on the "Building up the character" section.

This righteous fire variation focuses on high life and high armour. Passives and gear are used to boost these two stats as much as possible, 90% physical damage reduction can be achieved fairly easy with only armour and endurance charges and a few passives!

RF will be the main source of damage, which means we don't leech life so we have to make sure we mitigate as much damage taken as possible from enemies, more on damage mitigation in the survival section of this guide.

Why high life is very important: Besides the obvious more life it also boosts the damage done by RF, killing enemies quicker which means you also take less damage from them.

Update 30-12-2013: Managed to get 90% physical damage reduction with 7 endurance charges and no granite or IR. This is extremely helpful for maps.

Update 19-01-2014: The price of rise of the phoenix unique shield has rised a lot in the past days! I bought mine for 9 chaos when doing this build, however now they're priced between 1-2 exalts. If you're new please take this into consideration as this item is absolutely needed for the build.
Extra update, added righteous fire DPS in spreadsheet. Thanks to Maxwel for his awesome google doc skills! :)

Update 23-01-2014: Updated base passive tree for level 65 RF (included growth and decay) and leveling guide.

Update 28-01-2014: Updated guide with more info. Build pros and cons, gem setup in gear section and added 2 vids with endurance charges physical damage reduction.

Update 15-03-2014: Updated with Invasion information and leveling guide

Nemesis vids
Promenade, temporal chains, curse inmune:
Canyon map level 73:
Precinct map level 76:

Endurance charges damage reduction (focus on spike thingys damage)
Without endurance charges:
With endurance charges:

Old videos
Dried lake:
Kole kill:
Piety kill:
Piety kill with searing touch (7 seconds):
Piety kill 5 seconds:
Vulnerability mod map with old build, not applicable anymore:

General thread about righteous fire, please check first as it contains information from this guide but easier and quicker to view

Righteous fire damage taken and DPS calculator (especial thanks to Maxwel for making it work!) I've set the spreadsheet to download only as people kept messing around with it. Download it and edit locally

If you're new to the righteous fire skill please take a look into the "Intro to righteous fire and damage mitigation" section to know how it works. It is a tricky skill that needs preparation before you can use it and very math based. But no problem you won't need a calculator thanks to our friend Maxwel you can use the above spreadsheet to see how much damage righteous fire does to you, how much resistances and life regeneration you have and how much damage it does to enemies. Just make sure to fill in all the green cells with the right numbers!

RF formulas

RF damage taken

Life regeneration = a
Fire resistance = b
Increased buff effect = c

RF life damage in % = ((90 * (1+c/100)) * (1-(b/100))) - a
RF ES damage in % = ((70 * (1+c/100)) * (1-(b/100))) - a

RF damage to enemies

life: a
es: b
increased elemental damage: c
increased fire damage: d
increased burning damage: e
increased damage: f
increased AOE damage: g
increased DOT damage: h
more damage from concentrated effect: i

life and es * increased damage * more damage = x

(1/2*a + 1/2*b)*(1+((c/100)+(d/100)+(e/100)+(f/100)+(g/100)+(h/100)))*(1+i/100)

enemy fire resistance: y

Total damage z: x * 1 + enemy fire resistance

x * (1 + (-y/100)) = z

Build pros and cons

- Very cheap
- Very good DPS
- Tanky. 6k+ hp, 90% physical damage reduction with 7 endurance charges and without granite, 100% fire resistance with ruby flask and 90% lightning resistance with purity of lightning and topaz flask
- Easy to gear and overcap resistances
- Reflect and corrupted blood inmune
- Only 4l needed

- Cannot do -max resistances, half/no regen and blood magic map mods
- Vulnerability map mod can be done but late game or with specialized gear (blooddance boots)
- Rise of the phoenix unique shield needed
- Alternate skill to kill totems is needed as RF doesn't damage totems
- Fun really starts at level 65

Building up the character
Before we go into quite an extensive guide I want to show how I built up my second RF character, the one I'm currently playing in nemesis (level 88).

Right after my first RF character ripped to a very angry torture chamber boss I decided to rebuild it with literally no currency. No problem, all you need is a nice 2h weapon to start leveling, the rest will follow. After roughly 20 hours played and level 68 I was setup to start RFing again, here is a link to the post I made on this thread:

Total costs: ~40 chaos

Which could probably get down to ~30 chaos as we use dual redbeack's instead of searing touch now.

However from all the gear you only require one piece for this build, rise of the phoenix unique shield.

Why is this build so effective? A couple of reasons:

- Life boosts survivability and damage
- Finding the right gear is both, easy and cheap
- Clearing speed is very fast, which makes getting currency from farming to progress quite easy

So, interested and curious in how this all fits together? Then read further!

Intro to righteous fire and damage mitigation

The spell is a buff and a debuff. Once it's cast the character will be burning taking 90% life and 70% energy shield burning damage per second until life reaches 1hp, a flask with "dispels burning" mod is used or an area change. While the character is burning it will damage enemies for 50% of the maximum hp and 50% of the maximum energy shield in a small area around the character and it will make your spells do 40%-59% more damage. The damage is damage overtime similar to fire trap's burning damage (not the explosion)

RF is an imprint of cast moment (snapshoot). This means any mods from gear that is equipped at the cast moment will apply to RF until RF is dispelled. You can remove or change gear after RF is cast and the skill, together with any mods will still be on. An exception is life and ES, this will update as soon as the gear is changed.

Increasing RF damage to enemies
Below are the possibilities to increase the damage that RF does to enemies
- Increasing character's life and energy shield
- Debuffing enemies: vulnerability curse and lowering enemies fire resistance with flammability, elemental weakness or elemental equilibrium (damage done by RF doesn't trigger elemental equilibrium)
- Increased burning damage
- Increased fire damage
- Increased elemental damage
- Increased area damage
- Increased DOT damage
- Increased damage mods from items if they're equipped at the time RF is cast

Increased RF damage taken by you
The following will increase the damage taken from RF
- Increased effect of buffs on you. For example the Inner force passive cluster
- Vulnerability curse. This will increase DOT damage taken by 40%. Can be dispelled by flask
- Flammability and elemental weakness curses. Can be dispelled by flask and/or overcapped

RF damage taken mitigation
The damage taken from RF can be mitigated by increasing maximum fires resist and regenerating life. If the mix between resists/regen is higher than the damage taken from RF you will take NO damage, if it's lower you WILL take damage

RF does 90% of you maximum life as fire damage, you have 85% fire resist and 10% life regeneration, the damage taken from RF then would be: 90% * 0.15 (we mitigate 85% due to fire resistance) = 13,5%
We would take 13,5% of maximum life as fire damage, we regenerate 10% life the total damage taken would be: 13,5 - 10% = 3,5% of maximum life taken as fire damage

Now the same but we have 90% fire resistance. Damage taken = 90% * 0,1 = 9% and we regenerate 10%. Total damage taken = 9% - 10% = -1% This means we regenerate 1% of life, we outregen the damage taken from RF and regenerate an additional 1%

After this intro on how RF works now we go to how it can be sustained without taking damage.

Going RF
The earliest you can switch to a sustainable RF will be at level 65, this is when you can use rise of the phoenix unique shield. This unique is a must for this build.

Ideally you want to take no damage from RF. There are two ways to mitigate the damage taken from RF, fire resist and life regeneration.

This base is a guideline about how to calculate a sustainable RF. There are other options, endurance charges with life regen per charge passive, blooddance boots with frenzy charges, not taking the inner force cluster, out what you like the most :)

Below is a base build at level 65 that will let you sustain RF with the right level gems and some explanation.

Old nemesis guide, not applicable anymore
Base build: Base build

- level 17 purity of fire (+3 to maximum fire resistance). This can be done also with purity of fire level 15 in a +2 to fire gems weapon or +1 to gems +1 to fire gems, etc..
- level 13 vitality

Regeneration: from the right side of the tree we get 8,8% life regeneration from passives (2,2% from Scion, 1,9% from Marauder, 3,3% from Duelist and 1,4% from growth and decay cluster). From vitality aura at level 13 we get 1.7% life regeneration total (1.30% from vitality * 1.34 from buff/aura boost) for a total of 8.8 + 1.7 = 10.50% life regeneration

Fire resistance: to get as high fire resistance as possible we need three things.
Raise of the phoenix unique shield: +8 to maximum fire resist
Level 17 purity of fire: +4 to maximum fire resist, 3% from PoF * 1.34 from buff/aura boost
Elemental adaptation passive: +2 to maximum fire resist

This brings the total fire resistance to 89%

Total damage taken: ((90*1.06)*0.11) = 10.49%
Total life regenerated: 10.5%

This means you can sustain righteous fire IF you have the above mentioned level gems and passive tree.

As you level up your gems you won't need growth and decay passives and can be respecced into more life.

Needless to say don't forget to start leveling vitality and purity of fire as soon as possible :)

At level 20 purity of fire gives +4 to maximum fire resistance. At level 23 and above purity of fire gives +5 to maximum fire resistance, this is the cap for the aura.

Old nemesis leveling guide
Old nemesis guide, passives trees not up to date
For leveling start with mana nodes and go directly to resolute technique, and get a nice 2H :)
With a nice weapon DPS should be ok for most of the ride. Heavy strike for bosses and actually anything for AOE, spectral throw, cleave, leap slam, etc... Also start using clarity for mana regen. So far I had the best results with heavy strike + splash for AOE and heavy strike for bosses.
14 points build

From there go into the marauder, and duelist area for life, life regen, armour and resistances. In that particular order
60 points build

From there go to the aura nodes. Somewhere around this point you can switch to RF, level 65 minimum. Also get elemental adaptation and respec the initial mana nodes from the beginning to life regen nodes if you haven't done this yet. Resolute technique can be respecced if you won't use an attack anymore.
73 points build

At this point you will have:
- 8.8% life regeneration
- +2% maximum to all elemental resistances
- +34% to auras (from which 6% is for buffs and will also increase the damage taken from RF making the total damage taken from RF 90*1.06 = 92.7%)

If at some point during leveling the DPS isn't enough there are enough damage nodes on the way to increase it, 2H weapon nodes, physical damage nodes, etc..use these passives and respec once you don't need them anymore

Help Oak
Kill all
Help Oak/Help Kraityn/Kill all: if you are going to use endurance charges/frenzy charges/if you don't use charges

Old gear

Current gear

Gem setup

Off hands: purity of fire + blood magic to get to low life, rest are leveling gems
Off chest: carcass jack with RF + inc AOE + inc burning damage + conc AOE
Weapon: Purity of fire + reduced mana + empower. +gem/fire level gem weapon to boost purity of fire
Shield: Leveling gems for me at the moment, can be used for other skills if short on slots
Chest: curse, enduring cry and EE proc skill
Helmet: auras + reduced mana. Can change vitality if not needed for other aura
Gloves: culling incinerate + iir
Boots: discharge for killing totems

This is how to cast RF with dual Redbeaks:
- Swap to dual redbeaks, put RF casting gear on and cast purity of fire on blood magic. This puts you on low life
- Drink ruby pot and cast RF
- Switch back to main weapon, cast your auras, change to main gear and get to full HP

Survival with flasks

Physical damage is mititgated by the high armour, endurance charges and granite flask, hitting 90% physical mitigation with a granite flask is not a problem with the rigth gear. Right now I have 90% physical damage mitigation with just 7 endurance charges. Because of the high fire resistance of this build we can have 100% fire damage mitigation with a ruby flask which makes us inmune to fire and is extremely good for those doggie packs and high fire damage map bosses.
Cold and lightning damage mitigation can go up to 87% with sapphire and topaz flasks.

Besides damage mitigation using a ruby flask let's us regenerate 10%+ life for 4+ seconds as we become inmune (or close to) to the damage from RF.

My flask setup: 2 x inmune to curse for 4+ seconds, 1 x remove bleeding, granite. Topaz flask for lightning danger :)


With 7 endurance charges (no granite)

Old nemesis build, passive tree not up to date

Coming soon. I want to recap this thread in here with the most common and important will take some time ;)

Questions and feedback welcome! This is my first Rf build and I expect there is some room for improvement :)

I stream from time to time:

Cheers, Necro

Final spoiler

My guides
HC melee ranger:
HC RF scion:
HC RF marauder:
RF resource guide:
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looks amazingly fun in the vids :). will be my next project i guess.

any hints on how to level and what to specc first in the passive tree?
jep looks really nice!

one question: why you dont grab iron reflex?
IGN: Schalalalaaaa
Canox wrote:
looks amazingly fun in the vids :). will be my next project i guess.

any hints on how to level and what to specc first in the passive tree?

Cool I'm interested in your experiences with this project. Added leveling section to guide :)

Completed 28 ChallengesAlkazabaa wrote:
jep looks really nice!

one question: why you dont grab iron reflex?

I decided to go full strength and armour because I have no dexterity and getting IR costs six passive points. Unfortunately getting all the passives to sustain RF (life regen and aura nodes) leaves you with not many points left.

However going for IR is definetly an option but you'd need to sacrifice some life/damage/life regen passives to make it work. If you go IR you can also benefit from other options like carcass jack (damage? and AOE boost) and blooddance boots (life regen boost) uniques and the leather and steel cluster which also fit into this build quite nicely but you'd need enough dexterity.
My guides
HC melee ranger:
HC RF scion:
HC RF marauder:
RF resource guide:
New patch and RF is now seen as AOE damage which means concentrated affect and AOE passives also boost damage now. Will update guide soon...great buff :)
My guides
HC melee ranger:
HC RF scion:
HC RF marauder:
RF resource guide:
Added two vids to show boss killing speed with the new AOE patch. Linked to RF - concentrated effect - increased burning damage. 10s piety kill ftw :)

I will respec the shock passives and go towards AOE and fire resist nodes. I want to overcap fire resist by around 50% to no longer care about dispelling flammability and elemental weakness curses as soon as possible. Will update OP once I get everything sorted.
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HC RF scion:
HC RF marauder:
RF resource guide:

so you switch to ice nova on cwdt to trigger EE?
IGN: Schalalalaaaa
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Completed 28 ChallengesAlkazabaa wrote:

so you switch to ice nova on cwdt to trigger EE?

Yes I will switch to ice nova on cwdt and spam flammability which is optimal for solo but i don't know in parties.

Got a searing touch, the bonuses from it stay on RF after weapon swap which makes it really strong

Vid of piety with searing touch
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This is a really cool build. Do you ever run into problems because you don't leech life?
NeOZealouS wrote:
This is a really cool build. Do you ever run into problems because you don't leech life?

No really big problems so far, when I expect/get big damage I pop up ruby and granite flasks. Ruby flask makes you invulnerable to fire and let's you regen for +10% life per second.

stream up :)
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HC RF scion:
HC RF marauder:
RF resource guide:

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