Unofficial DPS calculator spreadsheet (0.9.13k)

Hi all,

since nothing like this existed up to now, I spent some time creating a spreadsheet to reliably calculate DPS values for a variety of skill and equipment setups. It turned out to be quite a large project but now it's sufficiently finished to be released.

Almost all skill and support gems are included as well as most relevant passive bonuses and equipment mods.

Please read the "How to use" sheet for general information and known issues.

Calculated DPS values are very accurate. In most situations they give exactly the same values as the game does, but sometimes a value can be off by 1 or 0.1 (also written in the known issues section), thereby giving some false end results. Although those deviations are quite small, I hope to find those rounding errors. I'd appreciate any pointers where to find them!

I guess there are quite some other bugs as well, please give me a shout when you find one.

Here's the master sheet. You need to create a copy in order to use it:

And here is an example sheet for the Wand Templar I played during the 1 week hardcore race (I know he has crappy equipment, no need to point that out :-D )

P.S.: The SkillData tab in the master spreadsheet is the only tab you can directly edit. PLEASE update it when you find missing or incorrect values. I was relying on the Wiki but it is quite outdated on some skills. Thank you!

P.P.S.: You might want to use the Skill Tree Calculator to get a quick overview of your passive node stats.
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Not a public sheet? I have to request access.
Completed 6 Challengesnikentic wrote:
Not a public sheet? I have to request access.

Same, I requested access anyway...
Whoops, sorry for that. Got the permissions wrong. Everyone should be able to read it now
thanks, helps alots.

bump for a great calculator! really comes in handy.
Thank you. I wasn't exactly sure if people had found a use for it since there were almost no replies to this thread.

I'd consider updating the sheet to 10.0.0 and maybe extending it if there is interest. Please let me know. :)
Thanks, but I can't find totems. Any info on those?
You're right, Flame Totem and Shockwave Totem are currently not included, though I'd probably add them eventually. You can already calculate all spell totems though.
wow i can't edit anything. everything is locked. how do i use this?

ok i copied this. now i can use this on web!

i think you should make some site like this so more easy.
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