1.0.2 Patch Notes

Chris wrote:
Reserved for awesomeness.

This ....^
i like big crits and i cannot lie, you otha brothas cant denyyy....
Whew dodged some nerfs...

For now

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Qarl wrote:
Version 1.0.2
[li]The Devourer's Emerge skill has had its damage reduced.[/li]

Thank the sweet baby Jesus!
Lov ur dedication GGG!! time to support :) $$$$
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Please PM me to update me on trades.
Now hopefully the griping in the other thread can die. This is going to be a very interesting patch, thank you once again.
How does rarity interact with the damage over time effects? Will my increased rarity apply to something that dies from the poison cloud of poison arrow, or from the DOT stack of viper strike, and not on hit?
oh man, i've spend so many chaos and alternation on maps to roll larger or maze..
ign thisiseplaner

Hoping some serious balance happens to cast on critical, I am tired of people crashing my game with 50 discharges per second
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