Running all auras

Some of you are a little bit thicker than others so I would like to use this first sentence to mention that this post purely disregards actual viability; whether a character made this way would be any good or not is not that important - the only question is if it would be possible.

Is it theoretically possible to run all auras? The maths is a bit confusing (I don't know what stacks multiplicatively, additively, what is applied first etc. plus my maths in general is simply not that great) but this is what I got so far:

58.788% mana - 3 auras in Alpha's Howl + *.71 from lvl 20 reduced mana
52.2% life - 3 auras in Prism Guardian, no reduced mana (shield is max 3 sockets)

This leaves me with 5 40% auras (the purities and vitality) which according to my maths get reduced to 76.68% mana making for a total of 52.2% life reserved and 135.468% mana reserved. Obviously we have some life to work with but a quick glance at the excess percentage reserved (35+%) makes the blood magic support gem questionable: it is a 1.96 multiplier at lvl 20 and we only have (100-52.2)% life to play with.

Is there anything wrong with my maths here?

EDIT: I do not count Tempest Shield as an aura.
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Just did some quick maths on the aura bonuses; you can get 102% increased effect. I don't know if inner force stacks additively or multiplicatively with 'increased aura effect'. This is assuming all auras are level 20 (which a lot won't be due to the +to aura gems modifier some items have) and inner force stacking additively with increased aura effect:

+133% all resist
+8% max all resist
+103% armour
+4072 evasion
+642 energy shield
+36-569 lightning damage
+72% cold damage
+189-315 fire damage
+3.3% life regen
+18% movement speed
+32% attack speed
+32% cast speed
+49.69 mana regen
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I think I've seen a build that use 10 auras and Tempest Shield. The character was using all auras nods, Alpha's Howl, Shavronne Chest and Prism Guardian Shield.

There are more than 10 auras though. There are currently 13 auras :

Shadow : Covenant Pulser (504561)
Ranger : 12 charges Frenzy Archer (65154), Dual Claws Elemental ST (709126)
Witch : Self-Cast Arc Tanky Witch (770185), AoF EK/Bear trap (863970)
Templar : Frenzy + AB/Fireball "Cast on Crit" Wander (611200)
Marauder : Death Oath Staff User (498864)
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Velkor wrote:
I think I've seen a build that use 10 auras and Tempest Shield. The character was using all auras nods, Alpha's Howl, Shavronne Chest and Prism Guardian Shield.

There are more than 10 auras though. There are currently 13 auras :

Do you know where I can find this build? I've searched but there's nothing.
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I guess that is me, i can run 11 auras atm. With AA and Molten Shell

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But i don't use tempest shield now.
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Well it is easy math :P

Alphas Howl + all Passivs = 54% reduced reservation. Reduced mana-Gem = another 71% reservation

Prism-Guardian = 79% reduced Reservation

So Alphas Howl makes your 100% Mana into 306% So you can run 5 60% Auras there, but since we need some mana left better place one 40% there. So we got

Hatred, Anger, Wrath, Discpline and Vitality set up.

We are left with Grace, Haste, Determination for 60%, 4x Purity and Clarity. I'm not sure were to run clarity, it large depends how big the life-pool and mana-pool is. I just guess the life-pool is larger than the mana-pool and put it there on Prism-Guardian. No there is the question if we should place 3 or 2 auras on Prism Guardian (my path would make 3 Auras more plausible, due to the cost of the BM-Gem). Let's just thread clarity as a 40% Aura (math on it is really hard, but a Shavronnes Build won't get any life so 400 Mana clarity should be about 40%) With 3 Auras in PG which are Clarity, Grace and Haste we spend 33,6% of our Life on these Auras, so we do have 66,4% left. And need to fit 4x Purity Auras and Determination in.

The problem is Determination alone needs 60% x 1,96 x 0,46 x 0,71, thats another 38% so we only have 28% left but still 4 Auras to go. We can fit Purity of Elements in just fine, but the other Purities would have no space left.

In all honesty however Vitality makes no sense at all (at least not for ourself, maybe if we are a summoner, but not sure due to the large investment in Aura-Nodes). We could be a cheap spellcaster with EK or something, in that case we won't need Anger or Wrath and could use every useful aura for our build. So although it isn't possible to run all auras (due to the addition to 3 new auras the build won't need Vitality and we can switch on the purity of whatever element we currently need. Although it would propably be better to drop one more aura or maybe switch clarity on the mana-pool if it is the larger one.

So yeah the Aura-Build is perfectly fine for any EK-Build since you can use all the auras you need to have. Although I wonder why he uses Vitality, it would only be useful if you have Zealoths Oath.
So for explanation,

I use my mana to run:
Clarity(lv22), Discline(lv22), Grace(lv22), Purity of element(lv20), Purity of Ice(lv18), Vitality(lv20)

I use my hp to run:
Purity of Lightning(lv18), Purity of Fire(lv19), Determination(lv21), Hatred(lv21), Haste(lv20).

Prism Guardian: Purity of Fire, Determination, Hatred.
Alpha Howl: Grace, Discipline, Clarity.

All aura gem support with lv19 or 20 reduced mana gem.

For the question why I run Vitality. I don't run it when i solo map, because I have VP.
But when I am mapping for 77/78 map with other people, i will put on Vitality since that 3.2% regen is going to make some difference especially for those chaos dmg per sec map.

Btw 11k EK is as if I am running 11aura, If I do 10aura I will have 14.5k EK as I will have my lv3 Empower up link with EK.

And if I don't run the three single resist aura, and I dual wand My ek has dps of 19K DPS.

So change as the situation change.
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I don't understand, is the -25% mana reserved from Prism Guardian and the -8% from Alpha's Howl not additive with the skill tree's reduction?

Could you link your gear here please?
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