Coyotefreak's Lightning strike build!

The skill tree isn't working for me. :/
Try highlighting it and right clicking and then there should be an option to open in new tab or window.
Your Armour and Flask spoilers are blank because of the reset. If you could update that once you get geared up ? :D
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Testbuild wrote:
Your Armour and Flask spoilers are blank because of the reset. If you could update that once you get geared up ? :D

That would be awesome indeed :)
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Any new updates? :D Just read this, found it interesting. Thanks for sharing.
is this build still viable in OB? Really like the concept, just wondering is it still good for a newer player :)
it's pretty solid.
the only problem i am having with LS is, that you wont hit any target when between the mob and you is an object, ex. a little stone or rock or something like that. and sometimes you even dont notice because the mob is so big that it literally covers the object on the ground and you wonder why the mob doesnt get hit.

especially in stone filled areas and fast moving mobs like vaal ruins LS is a pain in the ass.

i personally think this is a design error since other AOE attacks like for instance sweep do still hit the target, regardless what is between you and the mob.
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The only remaining question I have is, is it really worth picking up Resolute Technique when you're using swords? It kinda confuses me, as I'm bent on using swords, should I really be picking up RT instead of some other useful passives? and if im using swords, shouldn't I pick up some crit nodes as well?
Also, should I be using any other skills (for bosses etc.) other than LS? or is LS my highest single target dps as well?
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Is there a way to get a LS gem without simply finding it?
If so, which class and which quest?
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Templar gets one from Brutus quest.
I'm considering a similar build for my Templar.

Do you think this build can be used with some other attack different than Lightning Strike? Maybe one that would make a better use for all the elemental damage nodes?

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