Orbs of Augmentation

Am I missing something? I keep getting more of these than I can really use, but unlike other forms of currency, I can't seem to exchange it for something more useful (e.g. even trading them for scrolls of wisdom or portals). I believe Yeena will only offer me a wisdom scrap for one.
Am I just supposed to hoarde them or give them away? (Sure, I use one or two on a map every now and then, but I find more than I use.)
Is it intentional that I cannot really exchange these at vendors, or am I missing something? It would be nice if we could exchange them for something simple, like Alterations, Transmutations, or even Scrolls.
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You tend to use a lot when crafting with regals. And you can convert 4 of them into an Orb of Alteration at Nessa in Act 1.
Once you get to end-game, you will need a lot of them to change up your maps to have better statistics. Hang on to them.
Maps consume these readily.
In races, you consume them readily.
When you start regal-based crafting, they go down the drain pretty fast.
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