SHARP's Dual Strike STEEL CANNON Build / GUIDE + VIDs.. recons. for SotV (68k dps)

"Stones of Build" part is updated for SotV..
Since my 90+ LvL scion is on Immortal CI build it is impossible for me to revise all stats / calculations etc and put here as screen-shots right now..
But the skill tree updated for 1.1.0 is at Stones of Build part..

I have started to test this build in SotV 1.1. with one of my scions: PETOO 74 LvL

Here is the first dps result of her..
** same gem set up with old steel cannon (before SotV)
Dual Strike / Fast Attacks / Melee Phy. Dmg / Multistrike / Added Fire Dmg / Weapon Elem Dmg

** the main items: weapons and chest are same
but some are changed accordingly for the new Life Leech + Vaal Pact mechanic

old max dps was: 47234 at 85 LvL


new dps: 59395 at 74 LvL


Petoo is 80 LvL atm and new dps: 64000


She reached to 81 LvL and dps is : 68000


As usual I will level Petoo to 85 lvl first and test many maps..
then will release all gear set up + stats with auras + etc...
if all tests are positive..




The main purpose in game is to have MAX DPS........ wrong
The main purpose in game is to have MAX DEFENCE..... wrong
The main goal in game is to establish a feasible equilibrium between DPS and Defence... CORRECT

The build below is developed under this understanding..

As a result our character is not a GLASS CANNON.. but.. a STEEL CANNON

STEEL... tough and brave on face tanking
CANNON.. clears all opponents quickly with insane dps

I like :
- face to face melee fights..
- to have insane dps..
- to see my life almost full during the fight even with the thoughest boss..
- fast clearing the trashes by strong aoe..
- simple play style with one main skill for single and multi targets..

After long trial and errors and spending lots of Regret orbs, I developed this build which fits me very well with my "likes" above...

The main trick of this Steel Cannon Build is to have:

- High dps with high attack speed
- High Life Leech mechanisms (gem + item stats + passive nodes)
- "Instant Life" Keystone : Vaal Pact and "never miss" Keystone: Resolute Technique
- Enough armor and resists not to die with 1 Shot attack
- Fast movement (Whirling Blades and Leap Slam) to reach opponents as quick as possible
- 5 Auras (even we can have 6th with BM but we wont need it) to support high dps and resists
- being able to fight with "zero mana" (*)..

(*) Yep ,

is the only "quite expensive" a MUST item for this build...

Stones of The Build..(UPDATED for SotV 1.1)

You can use any skill on lvling by using what you have in your stash. But I suggest my "step by step Leveling Guide" if u will start from the beginning.

You can easily level up to 70 lvl and then fully respect to our main build. It wont need much regrets since the main path of this guide is very similar to our main one..

The skill tree to respect at 70 LvL:(updated for SotV 1.1)

I will give the build up to 85 Lvl since I believe that all builds must be mature till 85 and after that all points should be fine tuning..(Updated for SoTV 1.1)

Important note: Pls get the build above as a referance only.. You shouldnt obey all nodes they have; there are many nodes related with your stats on gear and your play style.. Some needs 30 dex or Int from a node or resistances while others dont need any, etc..etc..

Videos from different fights


Normal : Help OAK ...... +40 Max Life
Cruel : Help OAK ...... +18% Phy. Dmg.
Merciless : Kill ALL ...... 1 passive pt.
(if u wish to be more tanky u can help OAK for +1 Endurance )

This part will be updated for SotV soon..

I do 38k dps (15k is phy. and rest elemental) with DualStrike and have %18.8 Life Leech ( gem + amulet + gloves + ring ) which gives me 4800 life /sec; which means I rise my health from 1Hp to Full roughly in 0.7 second..
I made lots of maps (not 76+ yet) and couldnt see any boss - unique mob doing so high dmg to kill me in 1-shot (except Vaal's Smash)..
As long as we find an opponent to fight for life leeching, it is rather difficult ( I would say "impossible" but no idea yet what I will face up at 76-78 maps) to die...

I will open the topic as it is.. BUT..

very soon I will add:

- Gem combinations...... DONE
- Gear we need and what I have.... DONE
- My stats with and without auras .... DONE
- A trick on mana adjustment to get easily 5th aura
- Some more details on build progress and composition... partially done
- And I am sure there are some more I forgot to say atm :)

Hope you enjoy..

SHARP's MODEST SHOP... something for everybody : 529678

EDIT 1...

EDIT 2...
My Gear Part1


Images of each item will be uploaded soon :)

EDIT 3...
Full Gear and Gems

5 Auras we will use:
3 dps & 2 defence:

Gems in priority order
DS - MS - MPD - WED - FA - AFD
If 5L, AFD is out and if Life Leech gem is needed replace with AFD (or WED if 5L)

To achieve 5 Auras we need this helmet with its bonus "8% reduced mana reserved" which is valid for all gems even they r not on helmet sockets..

You can ask why I use Sword but not Axe at offhand.. We can have more dps with double Axes for sure but I am very familiar with Whirling Blades which cant be used with Axes :(
I like it since it gives high mobility and helps a lot at survivalability.. I believe I have already very high dps enough for all end-game fights so I didnt hesitate to sacrifice some dps for extra mobility and surv...

A MUST item of the build

Pls note that the levels of the gems connected to CwDT are adjusted acc. to 1.0.1b..
This combo suits very well with the build for perfect tanking..

%Life Leech from Phy. dmg stat on items is very good for the build. You can have on Rare >> Amulets (max 6%) , Rings (2%) and Gloves (2%).. Try to get this value up as much as possible , else Life Leech gem must be used for all fights.

EDIT 4...
MY STATS without and with auras

As you know...
We need defensive values not to die with 1 shot and decrease the coming damage as much as possible.. So get (Life + Armor) up + Resists to Cap + Chaos Resist to Positive side...
I am still trying to upgrade (Life + Armor).. Elemental Resists and Chaos are all ok alrdy..

defense stats without any aura:


with 2 auras up:


Here comes Offense side:
with 18.8% Life Leech ( Added Fire Dmg. gem out and LL gem in) and no aura...


after 3 dps auras up
thnx to passive 81% increased effect of auras and buffs coming from build:


Now lets look at the power of the build; how fast we reborn from 1 Hp to FULL Life :)

37820 dps * 0.088 = 3328 life per second from LL gem
14675 (phy. part of dps) * 0.10 = 1467 life per second
Totally 4795 life per second
3180 (our life) / 4795 = 0.66 second
yep.. even we get a very high dmg down to 1 Hp ... we get up to FULL Hp in 0.66 second..
and we apply this instant Hp recovery in each 0.1 second intervals (the speed of our attacks.. see the dps image below)

Max DPS with LL gem out and Added Fire Gem in..
without auras:


and with 3 dps auras up:


In that case our dps goes up but our life recovery drops..

If our opponents are not very tough, then no problem.. our map clearing speed increases a lot..
But if we r in hard map config, then we must choose lower dps but maximized LL..

Hope all clear and enjoy the build as I do a lot :)

If u have any question I am always here around..

Hope u enjoy...

SHARP's MODEST SHOP... something for everybody : 529678

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Interested to see your gems and such. Seems like a lot of wasted/extra points just to get to the reduced mana reserve nodes. Seems like those 8 pts spent to get the nodes by CI could be used to get 8 axe damage nodes and then you wouldn't have to run that extra aura.
Interested to see your gems and such. Seems like a lot of wasted/extra points just to get to the reduced mana reserve nodes. Seems like those 8 pts spent to get the nodes by CI could be used to get 8 axe damage nodes and then you wouldn't have to run that extra aura.

I would aggree with u if those nodes would be only for to have 5th aura for dps..

But also u get Influence and Aura Effect.. Both increases "ALL" your auras 26% which is really huge and a "must" for this build in my opinion..

Ty for your kind critique..

Added "Bandits"....
My Gear Part1 is added..
Images of all items will be on very soon...
Full Gear and Gems are added..

Stats and mana adjustment will be on soon..
images of stats are added..
im partially surprised this hasen't gotten more attention; this build is roughly what i was going for on my shadow. i wonder if shadow can do it the same. looks really awesome, even though it requires two serious uniques.

when do you start using tons of aura's? when you get the cowl?

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