0.9.13j Patch Notes

Version 0.9.13j
  • Ladders for race events now persist forever after the event has ended.
  • Your ladder standings in race events now update every 30 seconds (rather than every 3 minutes).
  • Deaths of players in the top 25 ladder ranks of hardcore leagues are announced globally (this value used to be top 15).
  • Fixed a full realm crash that would happen every few days.
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anubite wrote:
Out of curiosity, can we hear any details about what was causing the realm crash?

It boiled down to a function like this.

///Returns negative number if a < b, positive if a > b and 0 if a == b
int compare( unsigned a, unsigned b )
return a - b;

See if you can spot the bug. I can tell you though that the effects that it had on the realm were very hard to correlate back to this bit of code.
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TheuberClips wrote:
Hmm, you sure you can handle the 30 second updates when Open Beta comes out? ._.

The ladder is now pulled out in to it's own backend service, which we can put on it's own database server now. This was done as a performance enhancement in preparation for open beta, but as a side effect it means that ladder updates are disassociated with character saves, so we can put different timers on them.
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