Rare Flasks

as tpapp said, they were not against charms but rather against the "inventory tetris" that they brought up.

As for the main subject, I remember a time where flasks could be rares. It created imbalanced combos where you could pretty much have everything on a single flask and that was just bad. The point of flasks is to have to make concise choices/sacrifices on what you want to use. It's better to have multiples good flasks that complement each others than one flask that do everything.

That said, it could possible to bring back rare flasks if/when there's more mods, base flasks and unique flasks introduced.
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I could see how unique flasks could turn out some really cool niche items. Like a granite that turns your guy to stone making you unable to move or attack but leaves you invulnerable. The resist flasks could instead be used kind of like diamond flasks but instead just convert your damage into a certain element + force a status effect. Or maybe just the convert, balance pending.
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Unique flasks doesn't sound hard to implement and balance out, but it should be brought in another way, other then being able to just alch a flask and badda ding! Maybe through quests? special mobs? sounds interesting anyway..

On the other hand, in my opinion charms would be pretty cool to bring into the game.

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Yeah, I recall that this particular feature of D2 wasn't well liked by GGG.

The issue with charms was that they eat up an undefineable amount of inventory space. So the player has a very poor choice:


1, dont get annoyed by being spammed with charms

2, be strong in battle

ofc everyone wants 2, but this would mean that he also has to take the negative aspect.

But if there would be 3-5 passive slots this problem would not occur.

I am pretty sure that the disparity between 1, and 2, was also the reason why charms were not introduced in D3 (and also because D3 is a very simple and casual game...)
Why everyone think that charms must be carbon copy of D2LOD charms? Have a little creativity - devs too. "we dont like charms because they eat inv space"... so make them BETTER (or give us better inv space - each other current HnS have better and bigger inv space).

First iteration of D3 charms UI - talisman:

Problem Solved.

On Topic: Rare Flasks? NO NO NO Even magic ones are very unbalanced and cookie cutter --> 90% builds atm = Diamond Flasks for life.
Im suprised that Diamond Flaskas and Granite are still in the game (or not changed at least).. they hurt build diversity and game overall.
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More flasks for more diversity imo. Diamond flasks are far too narrow, specific and ultimately overpowered and granites are rather overpowered early on.
Maybe magic flasks should have maximum of 1 mod and rare flasks 2 or 3 mods. Then it would be pretty balanced I guess.
I don't think flasks should have any more than 2 or 3 mods. To make rare flasks work, they could simply increase the value of the mods they draw from. So if a magic flask can only grant 100% more health healed by flask, then a rare flask could role up to 150% more health healed by flask.
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Rare and unique flasks can work but rare flasks need mods that only spawn on rare flasks.

And unique flasks may have penalties such as limiting flask slots to 3 so using 2 unique flasks will be impossible.

Rare mods could be Chaos resistance, max resists, reduced criticals, additional accuracy, shock immunity or other mods that can't spawn on magic flasks.

And who says that a rare flask should have got max 6 mods? You could limit it to 4 mods and it would be fine.
The issue is that there simply arent enough mods available to justify that many mods on a flask. Perhaps if rare flasks had 3 mods and that's it.
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