[0.9.13] Kripparrian's SweepTemplar Build

Here it is guys this is his second version...

Kripps Sweep Templar
"They say, 'Evil prevails when good men fail to act.' What they oughta say is, 'Evil prevails.'" , Lord of War
The third 8% life node at the Templar area is probably a missclick.
I've never tried spreading out this far in a build, but with enough gear it could work.
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funny part is kripp has relatively bad gear for the characters level. kind of shocking to me that it works as well as it does haha. i think this character is mostly dependent on having a really high maximum dmg weapon for your level, in my tests with melee's using sweep this piece of gear has outweighed any other piece of gear by a ton.
note, this character is on softcore because he died before making it to this level. i'd also guess he saw some free respecs as well, but i know he did have to heavily respec when he realized he needed unwavering stance, etc.
just curious to why the Vaal Pact?

also why is this spec differnt from the example he showed in his last video I NEED SOME CLARIFICATIO!!!!
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Slothster wrote:
just curious to why the Vaal Pact?

I pretty sure Krip mentioned something about dying even with his life leech since it is applied as a HoT without Vaal Pack.
i got ya but it would just seem weird not using hp flasks and if i remember correctly he had almost all armor flasks when doing this build so would it be wise to wait to get vaal pact until later when you have those flasks?

Explains all questions
Necro Templar :)
A very fresh and original approach. Thanks for sharing, Kripp.
so i wanna give this a try ... need to level it though , but it looks like a hard built to level with ... thoughts?

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