Further Update to Map-only Uniques

We have received extensive feedback on the changes in 1.0.0 related to Unique items that could only drop from Maps. This change was made at the same time as massively increasing the rate of uniques found when farming bosses in higher difficulties. The motivation was that boss runs would be best for finding lots of uniques, but maps were best for finding certain powerful uniques. Feedback on the change to boss drops has been overwhelmingly positive, but many non-map players felt that restricting some of the best unique items in this way was unfair. While many of the best uniques could still drop in non-map areas, we completely agree that you should always have the feeling that an amazing unique could drop at any moment. We will be changing the system in two ways: Firstly, the list of map-only uniques will be reduced (Kaom's Heart and Shavronne's Wrappings will drop in non-map areas, for example). Secondly, you will be able to roll map-only uniques using Orbs of Chance. These changes will be made in 1.0.0g. We will continue to review is so that map and non-map players both have appropriate rewards for the risk and item/time investment that they undertake. Thanks for your continued feedback.
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Much better.
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Quoting myself from the last thread.
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Having spoken with many of the employees at Grinding Gear, even playing with some I am fairly confident that these numbers will change, and with a quickness. I think they are level headed enough to realize when they made a mistake this detrimental to the game.

Very smart call. I knew you guys would make this call, but not this fast.
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that was quick
Can't wait for the patch. No reason in grinding before.
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So much better. Thank you!
Great news, thanks a lot for the update.
Is there a list to the map only uniques?
Great news! Personally I was a little demotivated as I'm not a fan of maps.

Thanks for listening to us <3

You guys rock!
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this is a little surprising for such a fast turn around.
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