<AUSSIE> Oceanic Exiles - Australian gateway

Clan Name: Oceanic Exiles <AUSSIE>

Created: October 24, 2013 - One of the first Oceanic Path of Exile guilds!

Timezone: AEST GMT+10

Recruitment Status: Open (All Classes)

Oceanic Exiles was founded to give exiles who play on the Australian gateway the ability to group with other exiles. We are focused on the short term standard leagues and have participated in all short term standard leagues, dabbling in hardcore sometimes.

We have an inactivity kick of 2 weeks so you need to log in once every 14 days in order to stay in the guild. If you are ever kicked for inactivity you message an officer and room will be made for you.

We support the following:
  • Australian Gateway
  • Leveling
  • Mapping
  • League Challenges
  • Guild Challenges
  • Voice Communication
  • Having Fun!

We do not support the following:
  • American or European Gateway
  • Hardcore Leagues
  • PvP
  • Racing

If Oceanic Exiles sounds like the place for you please do not hesitate to reply to this thread with your in game name or contact an officer on the details below.

klintz (Guild Leader) ; IGN: klintz
Ix (Co-Leader) ; IGN: Ixranger
SubWoofer (Co-Leader) ; Subwoofer
VenGanZa (Recruitment officer) ; IGN: VenGanZa_Exile

Guild invites will be subject to a short in game interview. Guild applicants are required to read the below rules.

- Klintz

If you are interested in Hardcore Leagues PvP or Racing please click the next spoiler.

Hardcore Players Click Here!

Oceanic Exiles has partnered with Alpha Crucis Exiles [ACE] an Australian Gateway Hardcore guild who play the 3 Month Hardcore League, do Race Events and use Mumble (required). Check out their guild thread here.

Guild Rules

Guild Rules:
  • Use common sense, treat others how you wish to be treated.
  • When removing items from Guild stash please return when you are finished.
  • No character names that have profanity or that are abusive in any way. For example naming a character klintzishomo would get you removed from the guild instantly.
  • Keep swearing and trolling to a minimum and when asked to stop please do so.
  • Please remember you wear the <AUSSIE> tag so wear it proud. Anything you do within the community reflects back to this guild so keep that in mind when speaking on public forums, reddit, trade chat or global chat.
  • Please note: We currently are not accepting donations of points to retain guild spots.

Australian Gateway Partner Guilds

Alpha Crucis Exiles and Oceanic Exiles are Australian Gateway Partner Guilds

ACE have a guild partnership with Oceanic Exiles (OE) who focus on the Standard 3 Month Leagues (3ML) and also utilise the Australian Gateway. It allows for members of both guilds to freely transfer and/or play with each other and to return to their original Guild. This partnership will enable both guilds to maintain their focus on Standard and Hardcore:

  • If you want to play/party with Hardcore 3ML players ACE is for you.
  • If you want to play/party with Standard 3ML players OE is for you.

The following will illustrate how this partnership affects ACE, yourself and what opportunities it will provide.

ACE to OE transfers:

  • ACE members who wish to join OE must read their Guild Information page, log onto OE’s Ventrilo server and speak to Klintz or an Officer - alternatively you can PM them in-game. A short interview will occur in to ensure you’re across their rules.
  • (i) If you play with OE temporarily without leaving ACE you will be unable to access their Guild Stash but may speak to their Staff for gear assistance. Whilst over at OE you must turn off ACE Guild Chat as we do not want this polluted with non-hardcore items and talk.
  • (ii) If you join OE temporarily or permanently, you’ll need to leave ACE as PoE only allows you to be a member of a single guild.
  • You can return to ACE at any time after advising ACE Guild Leaders (no need to re-apply or re-interview).
  • Members who go over to OE who are not leaving ACE permanently are still expected to adhere to the ACE Acceptable Behaviour policy: don’t be a dick and respect their gaming choices - because you’re still representing ACE whilst there. You will need to adhere to OE rules as outlined on their Guild page.
  • By joining OE you will be able to play with their 100 members on Ventrilo, utilise their Guild Stash, get WPs, get Boss Kills and assistance with completing any 3ML related Challenges.

OE to ACE transfers:

  • OE members who join us, either temporarily for a Hardcore 3ML, or permanently will have to complete either:
  • (i) our short “ACE Mumble Guest Application” form to use our Mumble server for partying etc.; or
  • (ii) our “ACE Membership Application” form (and interview) if they wish to formally join and access our Guild Stash.
  • OE members joining ACE temporarily for a 3ML should be treated like any ACE member in regards to assistance: helping with WPs, Boss Kills and with completing any of the 3ML Challenges.
  • OE members joining ACE permanently will need to read our Guild Information page (to know our focus/expectations), fill out the ACE Membership Application form and use Klintz as a reference. ACE will check with Klintz and expedite OE applicants.
  • OE members joining ACE receive the benefit of our “once an ACE member, always an ACE member” policy. They are welcome to return any time to use our Mumble server for chat, partying, racing or PvP events - as are OE members who become ACE Guests.

We now have a framework in place that allows members from both guilds to easily move between leagues to suit their preference, whilst playing with Australian Gateway players. Whether we’re completing Challenges, finding one league more appealing than another, wish to play more casually or wish to play on the edge… we can all do that easier now with other AU players.

Details for Alpha Cruxis Exiles:

Newsletter Archives

Newsletter #1 20/08/2014

There is less than 24 hours now until the release of the new Forsaken Masters expansion. The leaders of Oceanic Exiles thought this would be a great time to send out the first Oceanic Exiles newsletter.

Guilds News

No More Codes!
Updated Forum thread to include superstar Norse_TV. Also added the 2 months inactivity rule.

New Code
The new code for the start of this league is 3737. Guild members require to update there code once every 2 weeks and if this is not done they may be removed from the guild. If you are removed from the guild you will be sent a forum message with details on how to rejoin the guild.

Mass removal of AFK members on the 4th September
2 weeks into this 3 month league I will be doing a mass kick of any member who has not updated there code as per above. We are currently at 100 member slots and due to the lack of members logging in on a regular basis OE will be doing a mass recruitment drive to replace inactive members. Again, if you are removed from the guild you will be sent a forum message with details on how to rejoin the guild.

Guild Recruitment Thread
We have updated some information on our guild recruitment thread. If you have any potential recruitments please send them to look at our thread http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/581434.

Guild Partnership
Klintz has been working on a guild partnership with Alpha Cruxis Exiles who is the hardcore equivalent of Oceanic Exiles. This allows members from either guild to easily move from one guild to the other depending on which version of the 3 month league they plan to play in. For more details please see the bottom of our guild thread http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/581434.

Voice Communication
Oceanic Exiles have decided to put an emphasis on Voice Communication within our guild. The officers and core members of the guild will be grouping with people on ventrilo as a priority for map groups. If you would like to be included in these groups please download and install ventrilo and ask in guild for the details. If you need help setting ventrilo up please not hesitate to ask.

I will keep this message short and sweet and I hope to see many of you back in game as of tomorrow and please do not hesitate to reply to this message with any questions, feedback, comments or concerns.

Kind Regards,

Guild Leader of Oceanic Exiles

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Aussie Aussie Aussie!
can i join aus guild been looking for a while doesnt seem to be many around
Sure whats your in game name?
you guys look like a strong Aussie POE guild. I'm looking to return from a few months off from this game, as other games are starting to bore me.
would be happy to have you ! :)
Hey Guys,

would love to join.

Tildeen in game, as i'm having trouble getting in touch with you guys.

Will keep trying though!
sent you an invite, glad to have you!
Heya! I'm from SEA and looking to join =)

Currently in Domination mostly.

IGN: Lylali
Howdy guys,

I'm keen to join an Aussie guild. Currently playing L72 Scion in Dom league. IGN: Maliscent.
Got a L73 Ranger in Standard too. IGN: Angelek.
"Pray for Mojo"

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