Clan Name: Oceanic Exiles <AUSSIE>

Website: http://www.pathofexile.com/guild/profile/7022 - Website coming soon...

Timezone: AEST GMT+10

Recruitment Status: Open (All Classes)

Locality: We play during peak hours for Australian times. 6-12pm

Mode: Ambush Players welcome

PvE: Map groups nightly, boss runs, and helping new players through content.

Newbie Friendly.

Voice communication preferred. We have a ventrilo server.

Recruiting POE players that play on the Australian gateway playing in the domination league.

Currently have 7 guild bank tabs and buying more.

Currently open.

Send an in game message to:


for an invite.

Plans for future:

Mapping to 90 for challenge.
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Aussie Aussie Aussie!
can i join aus guild been looking for a while doesnt seem to be many around
Sure whats your in game name?
you guys look like a strong Aussie POE guild. I'm looking to return from a few months off from this game, as other games are starting to bore me.
would be happy to have you ! :)
Hey Guys,

would love to join.

Tildeen in game, as i'm having trouble getting in touch with you guys.

Will keep trying though!
sent you an invite, glad to have you!
Heya! I'm from SEA and looking to join =)

Currently in Domination mostly.

IGN: Lylali
Howdy guys,

I'm keen to join an Aussie guild. Currently playing L72 Scion in Dom league. IGN: Maliscent.
Got a L73 Ranger in Standard too. IGN: Angelek.

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