DonaldF's EK DANMAKU Ranger Extremely High DPS /Jan.14 little update [Videos]

Hi. I'm DonaldF.
I'm Japanese. Probably my English is strange. Sorry.
This is my DANMAKU EK Ranger build.
I hope you enjoy it ;)

Patch 1.0.5
Cast on Crit was changed......

Idea of new gem setup

100% Required Gems
BM version
Cyclone - Cast on Crit - Life Leech - Blood Magic - EK

EB AA veersion
Cyclone - Cast on Crit - Life Leech - EK

Support Gems
- Multistrike
Highest damage, but too much desync

- Faster Attacks
Stable, don't need to change socket color

- Added Fire Damage
Stable, good synergy with AA

- Increased Crit Chance
Increase proc chance and EK damage

- Increased Crit Damage
Increase EK damage, vulnerable to reflect

- PC on Crit
Increase proc chance and EK damage, need to change passive and bandit reward

- Added Chaos Damage
Not bad choice. But, high mana cost.

- Additional Accuracy
Increase proc chance

- Empower
4%attack speed and 20%more EK damage. But, probably other gem is better.

Spell Gems
- Extra EK

- Fireball

- Arc

- Ice Nova

I have to say "I'm really sorry".

Recently, I'm having an affair to another build.

Summoner is the most broken build at the moment.
I love OP build.
I fell in love with summoner.

What's the DANMAKU?

This is DANMAKU.

DANMAKU(弾幕) = bullet hell

There are 2 version of builds. Choose whichever you like :)
Super High DPS Dual Wield version / Dec.04 update


Fast kill Dominus with Lv18 Gems

Lunaris3 run with Lv18 Gems

More video will coming soon.

Pros and Cons

- Super high DPS
- Super high DPS
- Anyway Super high DPS
- Need only cheap gears and gems.

- Lightning Thorns, Reflect monsters and Reflect maps.
- Desync!!!!
- Instance crashes

Passives (updated Nov.30)

click here

Bandit rewards
Normal - Help Oak
Cruel - Help Oak
Merciless - Kill all or Help Oak or Help Alira
It's difficult choice.

Gems (updated Dec.04)

I'm still looking for better setup.

6L Chest
Cyclone - CoCS - BM - Life Leech - EK - EK

*You can use extra EK or Multistrike when you are using Soul Taker in your offhand.

CwDT(Lv1) - Immortal Call(Lv3) - Enduring Cry(Lv5) - Increased Duration(High Lv)

Reduced Mana - Grace - Hatred - Purity of Your Choice

CwDT(Lv1) - PC on Crit - Molten Shell(Lv7) - Ice Nova

Whirling Blades - PC on Crit - Faster Attacks

CwDT(Lv1) - Crit Weakness(Lv5) - Increased AoE(or Spell Totem)

Old information

patch 1.0.1 version (incomplete)

Cyclone ver
Cyclone - CoCS - BM - Life Leech(EK if you have enough defense) - EK - EK

Instant kill Boss ver
Cyclone - CoCS - Multi - EK - EK - EK

Spectral Throw ver
ST(Lv5) - CoCS - LMP - Life Leech(EK) - EK - EK

Double Strike ver
DS(Lv5) - CoCS - Multi - Life Leech(EK) - EK - EK

CwDT(Lv1) - Immortal Call(Lv3) - Enduring Cry(Lv5) - Increased Duration(High Lv)

CwDT(High Level) - Life Leech - EK - EK(or Molten Shell)

Cast when Stuned - Life Leech - EK - EK

Reduced Mana - Hatred(Haste when ele ref map) - Grace

3L(when use ST)
CwDT(Lv1) - Spell Totem(High Level) - Crit Weakness(Lv5)

3L(When use BM Cyclone)
Reduced Mana - Vitality(Purity Ele if you need) - Crit Weakness

Probably, my setup is not the best. It's just example.
You can use your own setup.

Post your comment if you have good idea ;)

other idea

CwDT(Lv1) - PC on Crit(High Lv) - Ice Nova(Lv8) - Ice Nova(Lv8)


CwDT(Lv1) - PC on Crit(High Lv) - GMP(High Lv) - Ice Spear(Lv8)

I didn't test yet.
It's hard to adjust socket color.


Legacy Gem settings

*use Cyclone
Highest damage settings(boss battle)
Cyclone - Cast on Crit- Multistrike - EK - EK - EK

Normal settings
Cyclone - Cast on Crit - EK(or Mana Leech if you need) - EK -EK -EK

*use Spectral Throw
ST(gem level5 or less) - Cast on Crit - LMP - EK - EK - EK

Cast when Damage Taken - Increased Duration - Immortal call - Morten Shell(or Crit Weakness)

Cast when Damage Taken - Life Leech - EK - EK

Cast when Damage Taken - Life Leech - EK - EK

Cast when Damage Taken - Enduring Cry - Crit Weakness(or Morten Shell)

Reduced Mana - Hatred(Haste when running ele ref Map) - Grace

Gearing Guide

- Main Hand
*High Base Crit dagger - most important
Spell dmg, Attack spd, Spell crit, Crit multi also nice.

*Ungil's Gauche - low crit, but get high survivability.

- Off Hand
*Same as Main Hand.

*Soul Taker - You can remove BM gem and use extra EK. Also have high Attack speed. But, too expensive :(

*Ungil's Gauche - low crit, but get high survivability.

- Chest
*6L EV chest with life and resists and high EV

*Belly of the Beast - life and resists always help us :)

*Carcass Jack - large AoE = proc more EK

*Bronn's Lithe - high attack speed = proc more EK

*Voll's Protector - i dont know how many chromatics need...

- Helm
*Rare Helm with life, resists, accuracy

*Rat's Nest - high crit, high EV, iir.

- Gloves
*Maligaro's Virtuosity - high crit, crit multi, attack spd

*Rare Gloves with life, resists, attack spd, accuracy.

- Boots
*Rare Boots with life, resists, move spd

*Rainbowstride - only when using Ungil's Gauche

- Belt
*Rare Rustic Sash with life, resists, armor

My Gears

Still looking for upgrade :p

Endgame DW dagger + AA version / Dec.11 update

Pros and Cons

- Super high DPS
- Good Survivability
- Anti Physical Reflect

- Lightning Thorns
- Need very good Mana regene, Hybrid gears
- No regene, Half regene maps
- Desync!!!!


click here

Bandit rewards
Normal - Help Oak
Cruel - Help Oak
Merciless - Kill all or Help Oak or Help Alira
It's difficult choice.

Gems example

Chest (remove one EK if you don't have 6L)
Cyclone - CoCS - Life Leech - EK - EK - EK

Reduced Mana - Grace - Clarity - Hatred or Determination or Purity of your choice

Arctic Armor - Empower - Crit Weakness - Enfeeble

CwDT(Lv1) - Enduring Cry - Molten Shell - Increased AoE

Whirling Blades - Faster Attacks - PC on Crit

CwDT - PC on crit - Ice Nova or Spear

My Gear


Super Tanky Shield with Decent DPS version

Videos coming soon... probably

Pros and Cons

- Decent DPS
- 74% Aegis Block and 55% Aegis Spell Block
- Super High survivability. You can AFK almost everywhere :)
- Auto Life Leech and Power Charge
- Very good for HC league and lategame

- Need high Lv for build works perfectly
- Punishment curse(Domination, Nemesis only) Be careful!!
- Aegis Aurora is too expensive(but, you can run this build with other shields)
- No Regene and Half Regene map.
- Instance crashes


My Lv84 Ranger
click here

I'll take Life and Nullification in lategame.

Bandit Rewards
Normal - Help Oak
Cruel - Help Oak
Merciless - Help Oak or Help Alira or Kill All


Spectral Throw ver
ST(Lv5) - CoCS - LMP - EK - EK - EK(Life Leech if you need)

Double Strike
DS(Lv5) - CoCS - Multi - EK - EK - EK(Life Leech if you need)

Tempest Shield - Reduced Mana - PC on Crit - Life Leech

Cast when Stunned - EK - EK - Life Leech

CwDT(Lv1) - Enduring Cry(Lv5) - something suitable gems - something suitable gems

Reduced Mana - Grace - Determination or Hatred

CwDT(Lv1) - Crit Weakness(Lv5) - Spell Totem(High Lv) or Increased AoE(High Lv)

Shield choice

*Aegis Aurora - Perfect survivability.

*Crest of Perandus - Super cheap, Highest block, Save skill points

*Rathpith Glove - High spell block, 60% spell damage, Can change boots

*Daresso's Courage - Good block, 20% physical dmg, All resi, Good armor

My Gears

I don't have capped all resi :p
Need upgrade.

Look my dagger's name!!
It's same Name as Willywonka's wand :)


Leveling Tips(updated Nov.11)

early game Passives

mid game Passives
*You can choose Wrecking Ball(ranger area 2H passive) if you can use some refund points.

use 2H weapon and Spectral Throw
Spectral Throw - LMP - Faster Attacks - Added Fire
Double Strike - Faster Attacks - Melee Physical - Multi(or Added Fire)

Start using DANMAKU passive


Q. Is Point Blank and Iron Grip passives good?
A. No. These passives dosen't effect for EK's damage.

Q. Why you are using Lv5 Spectral Throw?
A. Lv5 Spectral Throw needs only 8 mana cost. It's really good.

Q. Can I use more than Lv31 support gems with Lv1 CwDT?
A. Support gems works properly if they have more than Lv31.


咪咪鬼 from Taiwan translated my build guide. Thank you very much :)

Thank you for watching :)
Youtube Channel:
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This... this is just glorious.....
IGN: vaiNe_

This is fucking awesom!!!!!!

Dude you rock....
IGN: Euridikee ==>> Need Auras? ...I provide
lol nice build
GGG banning all political discussion shortly after getting acquired by China is a weird coincidence.
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Where do you get that robe.

Want to try this build out, even though it is so expensive.
Will try it after update I guess.
Damn Latency issues.
Might come back in a few seasons.
I bow to you good sir. This is a new level of awesome.
very good idea!

you found out the current state of trigger gems. And for this I think you deserve to have build of the week. I recommend you post it there. Imagine how good it would be if u had good gear xD.
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if you like to HLD, add me
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This seems broken...
Hilarious. First time I've seen "will be nerfed" as a build con lol.
epic build =]

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