Allocating Space

when i download client i get this message,what is this?
Last bumped on Jan 20, 2018 7:23:20 PM
How much hard drive space do you have? Many current games take 10+Gigs of hard drive space and need to be planned for.
have 200gb free O.o
What are your specs and what operating system?
win xp professional Sp 3
let it run... if it doesn't run then it probably timed out creating the pack file.

are you positive a firewall isn't blocking it?
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firewall isn't block it because i downloaded ~1.9gb;d i think 230mb left to complete download... i closed the downloader and later start it and i have that problem.. always says "allocating Space" and internet connection is busy if i open downloader.....
they have known issues with their patchers and their internal file system... if it doesn't work at all for you within a reasonable amount of time.. set the content.ggpk aside (or rename it) and repatch.

There is also a remote possibility that it's hitting a directory name length limit.. make sure your installation root directory isn't extremely long to begin with.
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'allocating space' can sometimes take quite a while. 5-10 minutes isn't uncommon when you're downloading the game for the first time.
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i have a porblem when logging in, it says "operation timed out" how can i fix this? pls help. thanks

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