[1.0.5] Pohx's 1181% Crit Multi Conduit Solo/Party Trapper [Nemesis] Vids Included



SHADOW - LEVELING - PROGRESSION - GUIDE ( You Can Change Up Anything As you Would like, This is an Out line


Around Level 20

Around Level 40

Around Level 60

Around Level 80

Around Level ??

This is an Outline to get everyone started, You may Do WHATEVER you want with the build, there is no right or wrong progression, it's all adapted to your Playstyle. If I don't get something that you agree with picking up early simply pick it up, This progression was designed based off the information of many new players and is geared towards them

Please Note That All Material & Information On This Guide Are scheduled to change due to " Theory Crafting " Nothing In Here Is Set In Stone. Also Please Note That These Guides Are Like Templates For You To Use. By No Means Do You Have To Follow Them Exactly As Presented.

FINALIZED CRIT TRAPPER [End Game Build] Will add gameplay Vids later

***CURRENT BUILD*** / GEAR ( Lvl 91 ) Crit Trapper, Slightly Modified For My Gear

This Ring Swapped for Taming Depending on Scenario

Skill gems are all in there, only thing I plan on swapping is my enduring cry and re-coloring GGB on my shield, put enhance in it's place and snapshot my Reduced mana for Enduring Cry.

Current Build:



Party Crit Trapper > Crit Trapper > Non Crit Trapper >


Non Crit Trapper > Crit Trapper > Party Crit Trapper

Every Single One of the variations of these builds work, They're ALL VIABLE END GAME including in 78 Maps, you can run majority of map mods including No Regen/Half Regen,

You should Not Run, Blood Magic or Enfeeble + Fire Resist

Level 78 Map Courtyard Boss Solo

Highlights Section

The Above Link, Links you directly to my Profile on Twitch.tv. This will allow you to go straight to the highlights section for those of you who would like to see them before they're posted here and or edited. Usually 1 Highlight is generated per day.

-New Video's Section-
The 3 Newest Video's will be located here at all times to make life easier for everyone to browse this long post, once it becomes old it'll move to it's respected category in the guide.

#1 Path of Exile 1.0.4 Official Trapper Changes

#2 Trapper Rotation

#3 Poorjoy's Asylum Full Run

General Information

Scariest Moments in PoE

Trapper Introduction

Merciless Dominus Solo

*Added Courtyard Bosses Solo ( 78 Map )
*Added Merveil Almost 1 Shot Clip.
*Changed Non Crit Trapper Skill Tree Around
*HIGHLIGHTS Section Has been Updated! Check out the Nw Highlights!

*Added EXTREME Party Play Crit Trapper [ Inspired By FreezeNelo ]
* New Youtube Video Up To Come. explaining changes
* Swapped Lightning Trap With Shock Nova IF YOU HAVE 15%+ Quality SHock Nova

1.0.3 Changes
*Added New Video Section Up At The Top
*Finished Trapper Vs Crit Trapper Debates
*Will Be Adding In Hybrid Crit Trapper In The near Future
*Will Be adding Tooltip DPS For Crit Trapper
*3 New Videos Added In Order, Trapper Crit Changes, Crit Trapper Roation, PoorJoy's Asylum


1.0.2 Changes
*New Youtube Video On Trapper Synergy Added To The " Informative Section "
*Changed Lightning Pen To Added Lightning Damage In " Crit Damage Trapper Skills "
* Added New Youtube Video, " Trapper Roles " Top Section
*Updated How To Gear Your Crit Trapper

1.0.1 Changes
*Added New Unique Alpha's Howl To The Unique Section.
*Added Current Gear & Tooltip Damages For Level 82 Trapper.
*Updated The Current Skills Section.

Non Crit Based Trapper ( Extremely Cheap Low Budget )

Current Gear [ Level 82 ]

Tool Tip DPS/Avg Dmg

Bear Trap

Ethereal Knives

Fire Trap

Cold Snap

Skill Tree Progression

Level 1-20

Level 21-40

Level 41-60

Level 61-80

Please Note That I'm unable to control the gear that you find, If you have no ES do not get Eldrich Battery Early on. If you need more Life, grab the adjacent nodes. This is just a rough draft of what I end up using while leveling. Also there are tons of resists to pickup at any point in Time, Please use your own judgement While building the Tree to your own liking.

Full Build

Also Please Note That This build has crit in it, there really isn't much else to pickup in the build, DoT nodes are alright, nothing too special about them, the only reason we pickup the south one is because it's paired with Life Regeneration. You're free to make any changes/alterations on the build as I do not currently play a Non Crit Trapper, I play a Crit Trapper. I hope you enjoy the build It's excellent for Solo Play!

Current Skills i'm Using & Links


Weapon Cold Snap-Ele Prolif-Trap ( W Key )

Gloves Ethereal Knives-Trap-Multi Trap-Added Fire ( E Key )

ChestFire Trap, Conc effect, AoE increase, Multi trap, Fire Pen ( Right Click )

Boots Bear Trap, Smoke Mine, Culling Strike, Added Fire ( Q Key )

Helm Grace, Reduced Mana, Clarity & Filler ( Passive Key)

Shield Enduring Cry, Enfeeble, AoE Increase. ( T Key )

Enduring Cry ( Middle Mouse Click )

Smoke Mine ( R Key )


There are 4 Unique's that come to my mind when thinking of this build, now note these are what come to my mind, there are many other unique's that will work with the build.

These Unique Trapper boots are great for leveling, They allow for a 5 Link Or simply multiple skills linked to 1 Trap. They additional 30%$ Movement speed is also amazing as well! I'm not using them in the end game due to resist requirements though.

Sunblast Gives you an awesome Damage boost, however, it's not required by any means in this build. You can very well just get a good resist belt then skill into damage if you want to compensate like that. So don't worry too much about this belt unless you really want to boost your overall damage. The mana regen is also a nice addition

Carcass is personally one of my favorite uniques for this setup. It offers great AoE potential for your Fire trap/cold snap, gives damage, and helps a Ton with your EB! It's also easy to roll colors for your 5L fire trap as well.

I will say this much about this flask. If you're running EB with a large mana pool, this flask is your best friend. Due to this flask I can run NO-REGENERATION maps with no problem as long as i'm soloing. It also acts as another health flask if you use it properly while taking Damage!

Cloak of Defiance is a very interesting Unique, If you plan on using this just be warned you will need to change roughly 9-13 Skill points on your tree. You also need to make sure that you will need Much more mana/es on all your gear since it's a total of 40% Conversion opposed to Mind/matter being 30%. It's also much easier to maintain your mana regen since it gives you mana regen on it as well.

Rathpith is a new unique I just recently picked up. So far i've seemed to like it much more than sunblast. Yes, you do lose some overall dps. However, you gain spell block and a naturally higher block chance. You gain a single resist just like sunblast but gain a decent chunk of spell power. In the end you lose some damage, but the main thing is you gain Spell Block chance which is absolutely insane in my opinion. ( It also gives 10% maximum Hp )

Alpha's howl is an Insane addition to this build if you're able to cap your resists and manage a decent health pool, it gives you the evasions which goes into armor which you desperately need if you're using a rath pith. It also gives you aura reservation which acts like an es piece. You also get mana regen out of it since it's boosting your clarity level. Overall it's a very good helm not just for you, however, your group as well due to the +2 Aura Gems.

How To Gear Your Trapper


Essentially When playing this type of build, you have a couple of options at mind.

Pure Evasion
This setup will give you the best outcome for Solo play, and still works just fine for Party Play

Armor Evasion Hybrid
With this setup, you should gain the most overall armor if your gear is correct during PARTY PLAY ( Determination + Grace )

Evasion + ES ( Recommended
This setup is most likely the most tricky of the 3. However, you get the Highest " Effective " Health Pool Due to Mind Over Matter


You're got a couple of options when playing around with your weapon types. Such as.

You get a base of Elemental Damage, nothing wrong with them at all, They can roll +2 Gems just like the other weapons.

Global Crit base, Pretty good if you want to see some spike damage, Remember that when using " Multiple Traps " Each trap has a separate Critical Chance!

Rolls with a Spell Power base and usually the most common to pickup, Can also roll Projectile Speed

The powerhouse of all, If you can roll a 100% Spell power, Fire damage & +2 To gems, you're probably going to 1 Shot map bosses in a 5-6 Link With Fire Trap

Key To Remember: Base Block Chance for Dual Wielding is 15% ( I Think ) And staffs are usually 12%. Just make note of this if you're not going to use a shield.


You're going to want to find something like this

Mana Regen + Hp + Resists Is key


You don't need a Jade or Granite if you're running a Mana Potion like this. On solo mapping i'm hitting 80% Reduction @ Level 86

Remove Bleed is Key for Puncture if it ends up Critting you.

Dispel Shock. 30%+30%+30%=Dead

Quicksilver is Amazing, Try to roll a Movement speed as Backup, and a Curse immune as your main.

Additional Information
-Fire Trap ( AoE Clearing, Great Burn Damage & Burst Damage )

-Bear Trap ( Amazing Single Target DPS )

-Cold Snap ( Decent AoE Damage, Awesome CC Potential )

-Ethereal Knives ( Extremely Good Single Target & AoE )

-Ice Nova ( Weak AoE, Terrible Single Target, going to replace soon )

-Enduring Cry ( Used to cap your Physical Reduction / Resists )

-Elemental Weakness ( Gives you an Insane Damage Increase on your AoE skills, Along with Freeze Duration )

-Enfeeble ( Your #1 friend when exploring new content, insane - Damage, - Crit and so on!

-Vulnerability ( Mainly for Single Target for EK + Bear Trap, only needed when in a party with physical DPS )

EXTREME Party Play Crit Trapper [ Inspired By FreezeNelo ]

Hello Everyone, Welcome to The Min-Max Section. You are not required to do this what so ever in your trapper build, This is for players who have Dedicated Groups & Would like to push their characters to the Extreme in party play. The main change here is you're able to Conduit over all 3 types of charges as a trapper, Additionally the skill tree will be changed up Due to party play since you will not need as much regeneration if someone can run vitality. Furthermore, Due to running 4 Power charges, you don't really need " DoT " Nodes anymore since your crit rate will be out the roof, you'll constantly be refreshing your burning damage regardless.

Note That all these changes were brought up by [ FreezeNelo ]

Current Gear

For Half Regen maps I can swap out quick silver or a Doedre's for

Passive Tree ( Level 89 )

Rath Pith Shield

This shield will be replaced for a 70%+ Spell Crit 50%+ Spell Power Shield, it'll ramp your overall crit up more and will scale you to over 50% Crit Rate on your fire trap


Tamings will give you your highest DPS potential from what I've been told

If you're able to drop your belt for resists and use Sunblast I would highly recommend it, you won't be at too much of an hp disadvantage since you're losing Rathpith and hopefully gaining HP off your new shield

Swap Lightning Trap for Shock Nova
Shock nova is a much easier & quicker method of shock stacking to ensure your fire trap will incinerate its targets.
Shock Nova (20% Qual)
Multi Trap


This Flask + Conduit In fast clearing groups you'll be able to keep 100% up time aside from certain bosses, You could even remove your diamond flask to rotate 2 Of them.

Shock Nova Vs Lightning Trap.

Lightning Trap > Shock Nova For Shock Stacking IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A QUALITY SHOCK NOVA

Shock Nova > Lightning Trap at 13%+ Quality, Either use a quality or don't use it at all.

Crit Trapper Vs Trapper
Hello & Welcome Everyone To The Main Debate of the Guide! Crit Trapper Vs Non Crit Trapper!

First off I would Like To Put a Huge Disclaimer Here Stating That if you chose to go Crit Trapper
There are a Few Distinct Items You Require,

#1 Crit Damage Ammy ( 50%+ )
#2 Maligaro's Virtuosity
#3 HIGH Spell Crit " DAGGER " + Multiplier ( 60%+ Spell Crit 15%+ Multi )

Just Note That it's not always easy to find a Crit Damage Ammy With Hp Along With Resists, You May End Up SpendingExault's just on this one acc,

Rathpith & Carcass Jacket are great additions. However, not needed at all They're cheap for the huge impact theybring on the build and that's the reason I use them.
Well then, let's get on with the meaty part, the Debate.

Non Crit Trapper - Constant Stream of damage, barely any crits, Costs literally no currency to build.

Crit Trapper - Much More Damage, Hit or Miss, either your critting doing insane damage or your not, that being saidI transitioned into crit trapper once I was able to grab all My crit nodes at once to try to limit this factor.

Solo Play - Non Crit Trapper Is Much easier to fund since you don't require demanding gear, Thus making it much moreversitile without great gear, with the Spread AoE on multi trap Fire Trap you can easilly clear through whites/bluesand still have decent clear time on bosses with bear + ek traps.

Solo Play - Crit Trapper. You will literally 1 Shot anything you come by with the execption of some bosses if you don'thave a 6-Link, that being said you NEED to crit, your firetrap won't give you the wide range of stuns like it used tosince it's not covering a huge area, your lightning trap prob won't stun either so you're down that. Ultimately it's much harder in terms of solo if you don't have the gear to backup your lack of survival ability for dropping your gloves.

Party Play - Non Crit Trapper. You won't deal as much damage as other classes. However, you have a constant stream of sustained damageand can keep nearly 100% up time unless you have casting speed/haste on. Regardless, you can still hit through reflect, proximity shieldcorrupted blood and so forth. You do however, bring Crowd Control & a possible front line if you chose to be.( OVERALL DAMAGE DOWN )

Party Play - Crit Trapper a Bit more squishy then the previous trapper, your cold snap will not freeze as long unless it crits.OR if they are shock stacked. That being said, you're potentially bringing a longer freeze, With shock stacksAnd let's not forget the insane fire trap damage that will Still continue to 1 Shot yellows in 3-4 man groups. With theexception of certain map mods + Fire resist mobs in High end maps. You also have such a safe distance to lob traps fromdepending on your mapping group as well. ( OVERALL DAMAGE UP )

Crit Based Trapper [Expensive] 1-2 Shots Most Map Bosses
Skill Tree Progression I USED ( You do not have to follow this Exactly! )

Note That I lvl'd up as a Spectral Throw Build

Level 1-20

Level 21-40

Level 41-60

Level 61-80
This is When I Re-spec'd Into Trapper, I Bought Level 18 Skills Then Transitioned around mid 60's

Level 81+

Current Gear Level 88



How To Gear Your Trapper [Crit]

The main difference Between This Trapper and The other trapper gear wise is you're looking for as much CRIT / CRIT Damage as you can possibly muster.

Ammy -
Crit Damage #1
Life #2
Mana Regen #3
Crit Chance #4

Weapon - DAGGER
High Spell Damage ( 65%+ )
High Spell Crit Chance ( 65%+ )
Crit multi of Atleast 15%
Mana Regen If Possible


Everything else should follow the other trappers gear

Current Links & Reasons Behind Them.

Fire Trap
5 Link Setup - Fire Pen, Conc Effect, Crit Damage, Ele Prolif.

Bear Trap
4 Link Setup - Crit Damage, Culling OR Empower, Added Fire

Lightning Trap
4 Link Setup - Ele Prolif, Added Lightning, Multi Trap

Cold Snap
3 Link Setup - Ele Prolif, Trap

Informative Section

Near Death Experiences


Leveling Section
Hello Everyone! Welcome to the leveling section of this guide! This will guide you through the ways of leveling with pretty much no gear and no currency, maximizing your EXP gain with either high risk high reward or the safe paths.

Starting off as a Scion you will not be able to receive a Fire Trap spell, to fix this first problem go ahead and create a shadow and literally run to the first town. His first quest reward is fire trap.

Furthermore, you're going to have to find your means of either picking up Lighting Trap, or Clarity as you'll need both of them in terms of leveling. As a scion you will only receive one of them from your Brutus quest. You can either level another Scion to brutus, or possibly another class.

Your last leveling skill you'll need will be Ethereal Knives, this is a Very early quest reward as a Shadow. I believe it's off your Mud flats quest reward.

Once you've gotten all of your skills ready, go ahead and create your Scion. From here on out you can chose to twink your character with uniques, if this is the case then you have no need for this guide xD.

Skill Guide
Main DPS - Ethreal Knives, You will literally spam this ability. Ethreal Knives is one of the skills that scale so well based off skill level. ( Be weary of the slow cast time )

Sub DPS - Fire Trap, You'll basically rotate this to keep the burn damage up while spamming Ethreal to maximize your dps, It's also a great Kiting skill, ( Hit & Run )

Single Target - Bear Trap, This is your boss killer. Bear trap is another skill that scales Extremely well simply based off the level of the skill.

Filler - Lightning Trap. Essentially you'll use this just like fire trap, as a filler or simply for kiting due to the fast cast speed of traps compared to EK, it's not a great source of damage. However an early shock stack could easily wipe a group or boss.

]Grace - Since i'm using Iron Reflexes this is pretty much a Must on what you're going to run defensive wise.

Clarity - I'm currently running this on "Blood Magic" To make sure My mana can sustain the hits from Mind over Matter. ( Do Not Blood Magic If You Do Not Play Cautious )

Support Gems
Note that these are what I used for leveling, by no means am I claiming these are the best suited for leveling. However, I've never had an issue leveling with this character. This is simply to get you started until you get a feel of your character & find your own way of playing him/her.

Fire Trap
- Fire Penetration
- Multiple Trap

Bear Trap
- Added Fire Damage
As A Tip, Throw Bear Trap + EK in a 3 Link, EK, Bear, Added Fire
Ethereal Knives
- Added Fire Damage

Lightning Trap
- Fork
- Faster Projectiles

Leveling Zones
Normal ( Prominent Leveling Areas )

Act 1
Pre - Ledge ( Levels 1- 5 )
Ledge ( Levels ) 5 - 12
Coves ( Levels ) 13 - 15

Act 2

Southern Forest 15 - 16
Fellshrine 16 - 22
Western Forest 22 - 24
Caverns 25 - 28

Act 3

The City of Sarn 28 - 34
The Docks 34 - 40 ( Make sure to have Decent Fire Resist 50+ )
The Lunaris Temple 34-40 ( Optional, Quicker than docks, high risk high Reward. lots of Phys Damage )

Bandit Rewards

Normal - Oak
Cruel - kill all
Merciless - Oak

How Did your Level 88 Die? BLUE SCREEN
What's an FAQ ?

#1 Why Don't You Use Lightning Trap?
Lightning trap has a 4% Base crit opposed to most skills/spells having a 5% crit rate, making it harder to crit via shock stacking, also it would require you to run a 4 Link, added lightning, multi trap & Ele prolif to properly shock stack with a low crit chance and w/o Static Blows

#2 Why Don't you use Elemental Equilibrium
You deal enough damage as it is, you're spending 3 Points just to grap it. Also when running with a group you can potentially lower your groups total damage output depending on what element your forcing to apply

#3 Why do you use EK on a Trap?
Being that this role is focuses on traps, EK gains bonus damage via Trap support gem due to all of our trap nodes. [ I use Multi Trap EK ] Thus scaling it to extreme measures.

#4 Why Don't You Use Shock Nova?
This would require a 3-4 Link just like lightning trap and I really don't have the room to replace anything. However, for group play if you wanted to you could potentially replace your curse/another active skill With Shock Nova or Lightning Trap.

#5 Why do you take EB?
Eldrich Battery gives you an insane mana pool Which gives you an insane Mana Regeneration. Which works directly towards your Mind over Matter Keystone, or the unique Chest ( Cloak of Defiance )

#6 Why Do you use Cold Snap
Cold snap allows you to Freeze your entire screen for a multitude of seconds, You can look above in the guide to see video proof.

#7 Is This Build Expensive
No. This build is not expensive at all. Traps scale very well simply off the level of the trap. Meaning if you keep up to date with your zones you can stay ahead and deal great damage.

#8 Why Scion over Shadow
Scion allows you to save a few points, and allows easy acess to Iron Reflexes.

#9 Where does your damage come from
Your Gem Levels. Keep them up to date and level them up at all times.

#10 Why does my mana regen suck
Get EB, Run Clarity, Get mana Regen on your gear & use Hybrid ES parts ( MORE MANA = MORE REGEN )

#11 What is my Build
Scion Trapper.

#12 Is it strong Endgame
Yes, you can deal lots of Damage endgame, while having great survivability & CC Potential ( Crowd Control )

#13 is it only for solo or does it work in groups
The build works Great for party play, You can still Deal amazing Damage & Freeze Everything.

#14 Traps vs Reflect Vs Corrupt Blood
This does not affect you.

#15 Do I need to use Uniques
No, You really do not. However if you would like to You can use Deer Stalkers to Level up, or check the " My Gear " Section on the guide to see what Uniques I currently Use.

#16 What mods are best for weapons
Check the Weapons Section On The Guide.

#17 Can you level up as a trapper?
Yes, Look at the video in the guide.

#18 what uniques do you use when Leveling
Deer stalkers, or check the guide.

#19 Why not use Mines
They take too long to setup + Activate & You pretty much have to be melee for most of them.

#20 Gem Quality Order

Currently out of order. Please come back later.

#21 What curse to use and when?
Enfeeble = Works every time
Ele Weakness = - Resists, gives you an overall nice damage boost. ( Helps with freezing )
Vulnerability = Made for single target ( EK + Bear Trap )
Temp Chains = Increased freeze duration.
flammability = Used for leveling
Projectile Weakness = Do not use

#22, what is ur rotation Pohx
Cold Snap - > Ele Weakness before it goes off, -> Fire Trap -> Ethereal Knives

#24 what gear do you look for?
Read above in the gear Section in the guide

#25 CWDT Vs AA
I recently discovered how strong Artic Armor is in general, and having the CWDT gets a bit annoying on chain maps, I much prefer having AA running over CWDT
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Good stuff, bro. Love your guides and stream!
Bump So Pohx Doesnt look like an asshole when he bumps himself
bump. Looks like a promising character along with a nice stream with heavy commentary and viewer interaction!
bumb, awesome build as always
Got awesome live stream help. Bump bump bump
GogogoScary - 95 HC 40k GS
Scary - 98 Invasion 2H Cyclone
GMT +1
Last edited by scarything on Oct 27, 2013, 1:53:05 PM
Also tried a trapper, died around 57 or something like that.

My "final tree" looks abit different from yours, ignoring crit and SP nodes.

85 points

Still room, for resistance nodes, mind over matter + EB, more dmg or hp, all depends on what you need, and its very easy to switch around to fill your voids.

I preferd to use my multi trap gem on "lit trap", as i was lacking more on the singe target dmg.

Also, a nice tip is to use temp weakness curse, as this will make your bear trap hold em longer, wich makes you able to "hold lock" a mob.

Vulnerability for ranged mobs with life regain/leech (took me a very long time to get these down, as i had to wait for trap CDs)

A Bro-totem might be nice to have on tougher mobs, to make the trap throwing eaasier (personaly not a big fan of decoy totem, even tho it only requires 1 gem slot compared to the bro-totem)

For auras, keep a purity in your second weapon set, or something, as you might prefer the resistance to the evasion (grace) in some areas.
Last edited by SpyChicken on Oct 27, 2013, 4:34:51 PM
Completed 24 ChallengesSpyChicken wrote:
Also tried a trapper, died around 57 or something like that.

My "final tree" looks abit different from yours, ignoring crit and SP nodes.

85 points

Still room, for resistance nodes, mind over matter + EB, more dmg or hp, all depends on what you need, and its very easy to switch around to fill your voids.

I preferd to use my multi trap gem on "lit trap", as i was lacking more on the singe target dmg.

Also, a nice tip is to use temp weakness curse, as this will make your bear trap hold em longer, wich makes you able to "hold lock" a mob.

Vulnerability for ranged mobs with life regain/leech (took me a very long time to get these down, as i had to wait for trap CDs)

A Bro-totem might be nice to have on tougher mobs, to make the trap throwing eaasier (personaly not a big fan of decoy totem, even tho it only requires 1 gem slot compared to the bro-totem)

For auras, keep a purity in your second weapon set, or something, as you might prefer the resistance to the evasion (grace) in some areas.

My resists seem to be pretty well on over capping, but it's always a good idea as you have stated. However, with all the evasion nodes, Grace just scales all too well to be left out D:

i'm now testing out Bear trap + EK for double physical single target damage and it's working out great. I'll probably update this more once i start streaming & Get back from school tomorrow, Roughly 12:30 pm Est
Was watchin your stream abit last night were i asked about cold snap + trap, as i am mostly unable to play during the weeks, perhaps you culd try it n see how well it goes.

was thinking something like:
cold snap + increased aoe + elem prolif + cold pen (if in the boots, trap otherwise)
I use on these boots, Cold snap - Cold pen - Concentrated effect - Culling Strike.

For the AOE, Firetrap and Multitrap Lightning Trap works well.
And i use Conversion trap Multitrap ( It's awesome ).

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