Evangelist Spectre (GGG can you clear up some questions?)

So these are one of the newer monsters added into the game. What am interested in as a summoner is knowing what type of damage these spectre can deal?

Things I noted so far:

The monster will cast a anti-longrange bubble. I notice myself and all my minions and allies get a aura indicator under my feet. So this mean while am in their bubble am also immune to ranged damage?

I also notice their strange attack move. Its like some sort of a vertical beam move that looks sort of like lightning warp without the warping. I have no idea what kind of support gem works with this kind of attack.

So far I figured out that the increased area support gem will increase their attack and bubble radius.

* Please clear things up GGG, i have managed to figure out which support gems works on the other types of new monsters raised as spectres but this one has me puzzled. I have no idea what type of attack it does.

Thank you.
"With death as my ally, all the world is within my grasp."
bump. =/

what is their attack move Spell? Attack? Something different?

the curiosity is killing me lol.

"With death as my ally, all the world is within my grasp."
They cast a short-duration bubble that protects all allies within it form daamge that originates outside the bubble, as you noted.

They also have a delayed blast spell that marks an area of ground, then shortly afterwards deals physical spell damage in an AoE at that point. I believe the damage is quite good because the player is given warning and a chance to get out of the way by the ground being marked before it goes off, but I don't work in balance.
This is very interesting i was using this one yesterday as i could not beat them with my flamesentinel spectres. then i just used them as spectres instead they really wreck everything with their explosion trap stuff. increased area of effect or reduced area effect on bosses?

faster cast seems like it helps and minion damage.

i guess culling strike would be awesome, or chain..

They kinda tanked dominus for a long time.. so they have alot of life and very high chaos resist elemental resist.

this will be my new nr 1. spectre and i guess it will be nerfed hard.
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Their damage is pathetic... but boy their defense...

In every other game I would say, nice form of tactical play, but here.. think it'll be nerfed soon...

Right now these are the only form of durable spectres. First their spell, secondly their HP. They have a lot more base life then my lvl 19 zombies. (they regenerate their HP aproximately half as fast as the zombies with 100HP/sec from Rejuvenation-totem.)

So they aren't really good for summoners, as they don't provide the thing these lack the most: damage.
But as with skeleton totems, I think many non-summoners will want one sooner or later... They make many encounters a lot easier.
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I luv those, they do a lot of damage with right gems and are practically unkillable.

I use a 6L on those with culling, fast casting, concentrated effect, minion damage and life leach (but life leach i'm thinking to change in fire damage just to add a bit more dps as anyways they are quite well protected by that barrier of theirs).

And worth to mention that their aura is excellent for some tactical things.

I use only 2 specters at the moment and those two are more than enough for clearing anything, Zombies as a meat shield, skeletons for harassment, Guardian just for the sake of it, 2 auras (Discipline and Purity) and CI passive and i'm running through maps with almost no effort.

Ok, I admit i'm playing mostly my standard ladder summoner witch, but it is loads of fun :D

Let's see!?
I've been testing these pretty extensively and the make amazing summons. Burning miscreants are still the best for dps, but you only really need one of those. For my other two spectres ive been using evangelists linked with

Raise spectre + faster casting + added fire damage + increased duration + minion damage + chance to ignite

The last two are optional if you only have a 4l.

I use vulnerabilty curse to increase phys damage from the spell (and zombies) while also increasing burn damage from added fire+ignite (and helps burning miscreant too). I also ise elemental equilibrium on arc to trigger -50 fire resist.

The increased duration makes their shield near permanent.

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