Build of the Week: Season 2 Episode 1

It has returned! Today's episode covers a Scion build created by our QA lead, Neonspyder. It showcases a bunch of 1.0.0 content and is a really fun build to play. We'll be releasing new Build of the Week episodes roughly every two weeks after release and will demonstrate player builds of many different types, not just end-game Mapping characters. We'd love to show off good beginner builds, PvP builds, even Library-farming builds. Expect more information in upcoming news posts after release.

In the video I mention that Spectral Throw can shotgun enemies. This is not the case any more in our Release version. The skill has been buffed to compensate.

The Passive Skill Tree shown in the video is from around a week ago (even older than the one leaked to Reddit earlier this week). There are experimental changes since then that allow more pathing near the middle of the tree for non-Scion classes. No promises about whether they'll make it in :)

Please subscribe to our YouTube channel if you can. We have lots of new content to post in the coming weeks. Have a great weekend!
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Sweet! Glad to see the return of the series.
Yay :)
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so excited!
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishment the scroll-
If it can't shotgun, you have to let us get actual shotguns. Magic shotguns.
Glad to see its back. This is something I doubt D3 will ever have so I like that its being showcased for all to see.
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welcome back, botw!
You have entered Ghetto.
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Great work!
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