More 1.0.0 Information

In no particular order, the following changes are likely to be in the 1.0.0 version:
  • Scavengers have been replaced by Cannibals. In addition to adding new content, we're updating older parts of the game. There are new Buzzard monsters in the Coves, for example.
  • Waypoints, quest locations and talking objects have been updated to have nicer graphical markers on the map.
  • Several world areas have been renamed to finally get rid of our old internal names and to be more consistent with other names. For example, River Crossings is now The Riverways, Terraces is now The Coast and Church Dungeon is now The Crypt.
  • Players now receive two more life points per level.
  • Some monster types now have the Far Shot implicit mod. This is like a reverse Point Blank passive in that they do more damage to characters that are far away.
  • Added a new Rogue Exile, Xandro Blooddrinker - the winner of the Well Dressed Exile competition! He's a pretty tough fight.
  • Player and monster Shock has been reduced from 40% to 30% per stack.
  • 1.0.0 contains three new supporter Uniques, six new Uniques that can only occur in Domination and Nemesis, one Unique only found in Domination and one only found in Nemesis.
  • There are eight new end-game Maps that use the new tilsets. They're in tiers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 13. Tier 13 is a new tier of (level 78!) Maps.
  • We're expecting to have Steam Trading Cards available.

These are (obviously) not full patch notes, just a small set of things we haven't yet talked about. We'll post the full patch notes early next week.
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Yay at trading cards and more hp!
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Edit: I really love the new Far Shot monster mod. Good work guys!
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stream trading cards are weird
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Nice news, so life gets a serious buff...
First !

no argh
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Soranor wrote:
Nice news, so life gets a serious buff...

If you're say level 81 with +250% life, then this represents 560 life or so?
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