Lots of Miscellaneous News

We've changed our policy on cross-league trading. It is now not allowed between old leagues and new leagues but we'll still allow people to trade between a league and its hardcore equivalent. This is done at the user's own risk. The goal of this change is to keep the new four-month leagues fair. Being able to trade masses of accumulated wealth from Standard to Domination is akin to RMT.

The Damage over Time changes I mentioned in yesterday's balance post have been pushed to Patch 1.0.1 (approximately two weeks after release). We have determined that we'd like to take the time to properly rebalance the skills that are affected and to test them fully. The other balance changes (and more that we haven't talked about yet) are still included in 1.0.0.

I've finished filming the first episode of Build of the Week Season Two. It's currently at our video editing department and is likely to be posted around the weekend. If you missed the small Scion Squid Squad teaser, check it out.

If you're interested in seeing a leaked, unfinished, generally not-suitable-to-be-shown-yet version of the new passive skill tree, check out this post on reddit. We fixed the issue that allowed someone to join Alpha without permission. Before commenting on the tree shown in that thread, be aware that it's a few days out of date and Carl has been working hard on more changes since the last alpha patch was deployed. There's heaps of feedback from our developers, internal testers and alpha testers that is helping us restructure the tree.

After we posted our Open Beta Supporter Packs Video, pack sales have been going really well. Many people are grabbing last-minute packs and upgrading to higher tiers. All the new Eternal Pack sales are going to result in many more awesome Unique items. Thanks so much for the generous support!

I'd like to remind higher-tier supporters that you should make sure your "Credits Name" is set correctly! This is only relevant to Gold/Diamond/Exalted/Eternal/Supporters. We're preparing the Path of Exile credits for release and want to make sure everyone's happy with their name.

An Italian company is running an unofficial Path of Exile launch event in Rome. There are details on their Facebook page! We're providing a few prizes for their competition.

Our launch is now a week away! We're very excited and are looking forward to seeing what you think of Path of Exile 1.0.0.
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awesome news!!!
Looking forward to the launch!
IGN @Ostropalca
My wishlist: Hi-res digital artbook
Allow spaces in character names
Vulkan and Linux support
Opensource the game

EDIT: Sorry to hear about the DoT delay... but thankfully 2 weeks ain't a long wait :)
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Unfortunate to see another change that will only push more people to use RMT sites.
Looking forward to building a summoner Scion with zombies, skeletons, animated weapons, and an animated guardian at her command.

I'm also dying to hear the Scion's dialogue too. Witch has a dark attitude (almost like the necro on D2 :D), but Scion? Very curious to learn.
Necromance if you want to
We can bring your friends to life
But your friends aren't dead
And if they're not dead
Then they're no friends of mine
Heh. Figured you would post it.

Still wish you would have banned him, but glad everything was settled fast.

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