Saint Vitus: Physical crit ranger guide[Always Updated]

Here you go, thought i should probably share my old ranger's build, named after my old IGN, Saint Vitus

This is the first physical crit ranger in PoE, i did it to prove that physical is also pretty damn good in a time when everyone was going elemental

Current tree:

Old Gear:

Use Phys to Light instead of crit dmg, better dps, i used crit damage because this gear was before they added phys to light

Defense/dps screenshot:


What gear to get:
Aim for gear with lots of leech and rez/life with high evasion.

A bunch of uniques can be used, some cheap, some expensive(Unique does NOT mean best in slot)

Maligaros virtuosity are nice gloves for this build, they provide a good amount of crit chance and multiplier.

The Magnate belt and Meginords girdle are good choices for belts, Meginords offers life resistances as well as a flat amount of physical damage which is why i think its slightly better than the magnate.

Another good unqiue for this build would the Broadstroke quiver it is good when leveling but a crit, life, leech quiver is much better.

Wurms Molt and Slitherpinch gloves are ok unqiues if you dont have enough leech from gear, they help a lot especially early on.

As bows go you just need high physical damage and crit on them(attack speed is not so important because even with a 1.3 attack speed bow i reached 3.9 attacks per second)

Quiver needs leech, life, rez and flat physical mods, preferably heavy or light quiver

Belts just life + rez or you can use a DPS belt such as Meginords Girdle or The Magnate this is up to preference

Rings Most important mod is having leech mods on these, then a life mod and physical mod + resistance mods.

Amulet needs crit, life+ rez and leech if you can find one.

As flasks go i say 3 seething life+1 surgeons mana(if necessary) and 1 granite or atziri.

Gem Links:


Oringinally his character used Rain of arrows but i swapped to split arrow after closed beta since i got bored of rain
ROA-Critdmg-Phys proj dmg-added fire-weapon ele-Faster attacks on 6l

For 5linked RoA-conc effect-Physical Projectile Attack Damage
-added fire damage-faster attacks works well.

For 6linked RoA-Inc crit dmg-Physical Projectile Attack Damage
-added fire damage-WeD-conc effect/increased area/faster proj, up to preference

For 5 linked Barrage-Faster attacks-added fire damage-inc crit dmg-Physical Projectile Attack Damage

For 6 linked Barrage-Faster attacks-life gain on hit/weapon ele damage-inc crit dmg-Physical Projectile Attack Damage-added fire damage

5l: Split arrow-chain-added fire damage-Physical Projectile Attack Damage
-inc crit damage

6l: Split arrow-Weapon ele-added fire damage-chain-inc crit damage-Physical Projectile Attack Damage

If you get a drillneck you want to swap out chain with pierce and grab the 30% pierce passive, it will make you do amazing damage. I prefer chain more than pierce.

Bandit Rewards:
Normal: Oak (+40 life)
Cruel: Oak (18% IPD)
Merciless: Skill point

Try to run Grace and Hatred, if you dont have enough resistances use Purity instead of Grace.

If you have enough evasion run herald of Ash and ice instead of grace

Temporal chains works well against rhoas and other pesky enemies, assasins mark only works okay in the endgame hwne you start critting often until then i suggest you use projectile weakness, and maybe continue to use it you might do more dps with it than with crit weakness for a while.

You can also use warlords mark for the extra leech if you dont have enough on gear to sustain your attacks.

Other Useful Skills/Tips and tricks:
When using cwdt, i suggest using 2 setupus for HC: CWDT-endu cry-spell echo-enfeeble
CWDT-enduring cry-increased duration-immortall call. If you have enough sockets.

and level the immortall call one to around 10 when youre doing high damage, this is mostly to prevent reflect deaths, if you have max duration IC on your first hit then youll be able to kill the pack before the timer runs out, or at least flask up back to full life.

Also remember when fighting reflect rares with this setup try to get as close as you can to them so you get the endurance charges and proc the IC, otherwise you might die.

You can use a variety of interesting skills with this build to make it even more fun, you can use a ranged totem that shoots split arrow for example, it would benefit from all your passives, you can use decoy totem if you get a bit of strengh from gear, you can also use enduring cry to tank enemies a little bit better and maybe even attract them to you so you can rain over them more easly.

Dont forget, you can always summon zombies to help you out, especially in HC!

Decoy totem will get you out of trobule many times, especially when rhoas rush.

Hope this helps you in making good physical ranger!

Standard Shop:

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Nice looking stuff. I like the build overall. I'm just curious, is this build intentionally a tanky archer, does it work out that way?
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you can be tanky,i usual let the decoy totem tank for me, but if i get surrounded i just pop a diamond and shoot rain of arrows over myself, the leech from that dps keeps me alive and kills the monsters.
Hey Vic. On the decoy totem, I have a nice 16% gem I'm trying to use and levl with my shadow - but it has a very high strength requirement. How do you deal with that in your build, which doesn't appear to grab many str nodes?

Well The Magnate gives 50 strength already, all you need is about 20 strength on another piece of gear (i have that on my boots) which you can get by using an onyx amulet.

The other strength comes from the Fitness(20) node and from Fury Bolts(20).
You mirrored a flask?...
Completed 16 Challengeskadrek91 wrote:
You mirrored a flask?...

Yup, was curious if it's possible, it is :D
Love the mirrored flask :D lol thanks for sharing your build. But it appears to be very gear dependent to achieve your dps or am I wrong ? most of the 20% gems and super gloves are not available easily for small time players
IGN: Megawipe
Completed 22 Challengesmarquis51 wrote:
Love the mirrored flask :D lol thanks for sharing your build. But it appears to be very gear dependent to achieve your dps or am I wrong ? most of the 20% gems and super gloves are not available easily for small time players

Well i also got the gear in quite some time, that's just the optimal gear, and gem supports for this particular build.

Everything could still be improved, i could use a faster bow, maybe a better amulet and rings (the spell damage is useless to me) im sure there are pieces of gear out there better than these, and even with gear that isnt this good you can easily make the build work well, it worked quite well before i got this gear.

The quality on the gems and the 5links come in time :)
updated for new skil tree

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