Season Four, Event 150: 1 Hour ELBLAMT

ql race but maintenance of servers during race? and i was wondering why so lagy and disconections. eu got really f in the butt on this one. yeah is 4:30 am here but still. well hope some of eu players made to the end.....
1. The monsters spawn too close to the chest.
Please place monsters so that they do not attack you while you are within range of the chest.
Dying while trying to find your gem/weapon is not fun.

2. The desync is horrible here.
It's even more frustrating knowing that creatures can two shot you.
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Died to champion leaping goates :( (going down), i was 9th on the ladder. In this kind of race zoomhack helps so much. Guess why none of top players in this race streams.

IGN: i_am_ready_to_die/internecivus_lanius/Catarina_is_my_sister/stefan_yolo
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My game is so OOS for this race, it's barely playable. :(
Died so many times i give up
zzz so much crying.. was a great race, good fun.
Was really fun :)
need week ELBLAMT xD
Мои хроники:
I just recently came back to PoE after a two month break and hopped on this race. Hands down, the funnest race mod I've played.
My brain said: blamt will be fun
My body said: go back to bed
GGG said: fuck you blamt will also be bad rng, desync and server drop...

Stupid brain.... -.-

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