Season Four, Event 148: 90 Minute Fixed Turbo Solo

no cold resistance whatsoever, not even on rings for sale, no movementspeed boots..
so merveil got me in the end...
Insane item rng.. should have progressed more I think.. and been faster in act 1 :P

Chopper from Prisoner's Gate, Gloves from Brutus and later from Sins, boots bought in act 2, 2nd Quicksilver with 10 minutes left.
+ 3 chaos orbs and Hillock first. 90 minutes well spent.
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Dumpster effort. Started late. Had a manfight with Hailrake on my bow Ranger. Though I could get him before he got me but I missed 3 times in a row at the end and died. Remade Shadow, got some fairly rubbish RNG, with the exception of MS boots and managed to kill Merveil right at the end and partially farm Forest and get to level 15.


GG white claw, zone 1 shield, belt and gloves :/

Edit: To rub my ranger death in my face, Brutus dropped this...
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Rolled a lot of weapons and they all turned up mediocre to terrible. Didn't push too hard, as still hunting guaranteed points.

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