Path of Exile Release Media Coverage (Updated!)

The GameSpot interview is currently the most detailed source of information about the Release content.

We're avoiding posting a full dump of Release information ourselves until we get back to New Zealand early next week. Once we're back, I'll make sure that a conclusive list of features and content is posted so that it's very clear how things work. Until then, enjoy the news coverage and tell your friends! Release is an ideal time to rope them back in, invite them to your guild and play in the new Domination and Nemesis four-month leagues!

The new trailer is expected to launch on around noon (Pacific time).
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Awesome, back. Thank you GGG.

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"Axe bad! Fix please!"
finally :D
Chris please I have midterms tomorrow.

On another note I want to say just how outrageously excited I am for the scion and for mana shield. I've spent many hours trying to make the most viable possible character that utilizes arctic armour and I think you guys have created the perfect setup for me. Expect multiple level 80 HC scions bound to my account soon.
It matters not how strait the gate,
How charged with punishment the scroll-
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Did you just say Domination and Nemesis leagues? Kreygasm

Bye bye desync!

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