Path of Exile Release Media Coverage (Updated!)

Who's the chick in the countdown image?

Not Piety. Not the witch (black hair). Not the ranger (short hair). Who?

Edit: Nvm, watched the video. :D
"Fixing the endgame was hard - No matter how hard we buffed red maps, people would keep spamming Gorges.
So we turned Gorge into a red map"
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ERMAGAWD Can't wait :D
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I am soooo excited for this!!
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Glad you guys are excited. Let's try not to let this thread devolve into an animated gif-fest like that other thread earlier this evening!

I'm heading to sleep now. More news will be posted throughout the day tomorrow (including the trailer). We're very keen to see your reactions!
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sceptical of the scion being able to throw weapons, seems unfair. not to say it doesn't look fun. worried of it being overpowered and breaking the trend of every class being the same outside besides starting stats/passive tree start location.
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trigger gems ^^


gonna try that out with the new smoke mine if possible or detonate dead ^^
Looking good. You guys got something special going on here.

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