ARPG with Van Helsing

I’m Valkyrie, me and my colleagues at Neocore are big fans of PoE for sure, so we got an idea, to put on our wide-brimmed hat, grab our keyboard and embark on GGG forum, so if you are up to a new challenge to become the greatest monster slayer of all time and enter a memorable gothic-noir universe filled with monsters, magic and weird science, join us in The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

If you have any further question, feel free to ask.

Oh and we have just released our new DLC so you could turn the esteemed Van Helsing into a totally different kind of monster hunter. The Thaumaturge is the master of the occult hunting traditions, an expert on the rare mystical arts. Forget the steel blades and those rude guns, and use purely your stunning arcane abilities.

If you want to see our new class DLC, or want to see the Neocore staff during gameplay? Check our Stream on Twitch 11am PDT / 8 pm CET, and see the new Thaumaturge in action !

And finally we want to say thanks to Chris Wilson for the opportunity to open a thread for our game. So let's grind those monsters even in Wraeclast or Borgovia.
Looks very cool.

I saw this yesterday, and I wondered if it was just another Diablo Clone, from this picture it seems there's nothing new.

How would you say your game stands out most? Combat and character customization look like direct copies of previous games in the genre. The cut-scenes seem to pull the story along, is the story linear or interactive?

I noticed in your vod that one of you said that you would "tank". I don't understand if that means you actually hold the attention of the enemy while the cooperative players attack them and heal you, or if you are just drawing the attention of the enemy initially and the others pick them off of you.
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Already bought the game, good stuff keep it up. VH:2 is looking neat
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I already bought it too. I just started playing it last week but so far it's looking like money well spent.
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I bought the game when it was released, worst buy ever
haloja wrote:
I bought the game when it was released, worst buy ever

...seriously? Its not PoE but I thought it was fun. What didn't you like about it
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
Just finished the game with the new class yesterday. It's quite fun and pretty cheap. :)
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Hello guys,

thanks for all the kind words, it's really good to read things like your replies.

I bought the game when it was released, worst buy ever

Please be more specific about the things that you didn't like, so we can make improvements.
The game, to me, was definitely worth it. Got a little under 15 hours out of it during my one Heroic Hardcore playthrough; you can see a screenshot of my character's stats from shortly before finishing the game here. Unfortunately, my character was permanently ruined by a bug with the spider webs(he was permanently slowed to a crawl by 2 stacks of the debuff) during one of the "endgame" maps and I gave up on the game after that.

The story is amusing and the game is certainly well-crafted. Loved the music and the banter between the characters. The tower defense missions were a nice surprise. My main complaints were the skill trees, which were pretty bland to me, and the "endgame," which really felt like it was tacked on as an afterthought.

Haven't tried to the new class yet, but was planning to get that dlc sometime this week.
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