ARPG with Van Helsing

Totally missed it cos not on the front page, doh.
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bhavv wrote:
Totally missed it cos not on the front page, doh.

credibility sliding
Don't forget to drink your milk 👌
I joined Valkyrie in his Path as well :)

Awesome game, love the itemization and the trading system!
When I hunted enough monsters in Borgovia, I go to Wraeclast to continue the carnage ;)

Megapull, Community Manager @ NeocoreGames
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Also, if you want to play with us, just send a friend request. :)
Only one week remaining to the Van Helsing I Complete Pack, which will have additional features beside all the dlc-s. We hope that we were able to fulfill the requests of our community.

Lets see ! :)

- All DLC's (Blue Blood, Thaumaturge, Arcane Mechanic) included
- New scenario levels
- Neverending story (Players can continue adventuring after finishing the main story mode)
- PvP mode
- New netcode for co-op
- Refined, balanced loot system
- Monster respawn
- PC controller support
- Mac version

(Not including the DLCs, these features will be contained in a patch that will be downloaded for everyone, for free - you asked for it, we deliver it ;)
I'm a bit confused as to why you can't explain how threat or roles work in co-op, or how you think the game stands out. I would have seized the opportunity to brag and talk about the gameplay or art style, instead you ignored the questions.

I guess I can understand why you were ignoring the question about whether it has a linear storyline; after reading comments about how boring, unsatisfying, and short your game is, it is very unlikely I will ever purchase such inadequate software.
I played Van Helsing, really enjoyed it. Good ARPG, good price. Thanks for making such a fun game!
Game is currently on sale on Steam - $5 where I am/12 hours left. If you haven't picked it up, now is a good time, the game is quite good.
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As the complete pack, which is only 6.45 and you got 32 hours left to get it. :P
It was a long time that news has been announced here. But we are back:P

My mate Megapull made a new video about our amazing landscape settings. A new spectator camera mode has been implemented to our engine, so from now, there can be movie like features in our engine based cinematics, and there will be ^^

We will also do some other movies, and we will try to stick to a humor-based setting. I've already seen the script, and it will be pretty fun, even to make it:P
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