Season Four, Event 142: 1 Hour Descent

182 cleave dps, ranked 13th with lvl20, my best perf so far, I guess the competition wasn't really fierce.
I got really lucky with the weapons, not the usual trash, I still had some chaos but no alc left though.
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first demi :)

Managed to get to Skeletal Cave. Don't think I've ever reached that zone before. Got some handy items early. A rare Paua Amulet with extra Int and Mana all but solved my usual mana issues. Double-Life Coral Ring and a rare helm with Life + a white Coral from the same pack (Sawbones surrounded by blue Skeletal Rhoas I think).

Wasn't prepared for the event so I didn't have the chest content list to look at. Just picked all Alluring and hoped for the best lol.

Was facetanking Weave with Freeze Pulse when she zipped back up her web line and never came back lol. I wanted to kill her.

Just hit 15 with a minute left and got #8 Witch.


Incursion: @Ironclination
Hardcore: @Unbereavabre
Standard: @Halgondas @Risendelle @Risendell @SummonRangaSpirits
Edit: posting fail, wrong thread.
Std: 95 (SSF Delve)
HC Alive L85+: 90 92 91
HC RIP: 85 86 85 91 88 88 89 91 94 86 88 91 96 88 86 90 92 86
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