Panda's 3 Hour Race Video Guide


I've decided to create a video demonstrating how I play in the 3 hour races as a Marauder (note: pre-nerf, groundslam deals 88% base dmg). Currently I am the holder of the 3 hour solo record at level 32.76. The video is full of commentary describing my thought process and general strategy towards the race.


I pretty much go over everything in the video. Key points in case you don't want to watch the whole thing:

- Flooded plains
- Pick up Phase Run
- Ledge by level 4, full clear + back to WP and back
- Brutus by level 9 with Tribal Maul
- Coves by level 10
- Forest by level 12
- River Crossing by level 13
- Western forest by level 16
- Weaver, Sins, Bandits
- Vaal by level 22
- Straight to Cruel ledge by 23

- Diamond Skin
- Resolute Technique
- 3 dps nodes (to Skull Cracking) to the right of RT
- Fitness life node to the north of RT
- 2 more life nodes or dps nodes at starting area

Final Build

What level did I get in this run?
Watch the video.
No really, watch the video.
Last chance.

One thing I kinda start talking about in the video and then get distracted is Ramdisks. I just started experimenting with one and I'm not entirely sure I am doing it right yet (I just copied my entire PoE folder into ramdrive and run from there) and how well it compares with SDD, however I recommend you give it a look. You can read more about it here. If you don't have enough RAM, consider buying an SSD to help you in races.

As I mention in the video, if you know something I miss, or have an advice for ways I could do better, please share it with us. Also feel free to contact me in game with feedback. You can usually find me on one of my Panda characters. You can also PM me on youtube.

Hope you enjoy and find the video helpful.
My Marauder 3 hour race video guide -
XP rate for different areas -
Well done man. Way to push it to the next level. Learned a lot of new tips / tricks from watching your video thanks for the post. GL in tomorrows race. My guess Marauder won't be the highest played class if you log in =P
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Fayded 76 Marauder - 1st Place (Tie) One Week Race (08/23/2012)
Good video but I would like to see another where you are not so lucky with drops, and how you cope with that during a race.
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thank you professor panda.
I saw you skipped a few portal scrolls when you needed wisdom. They sell for wisdoms.

Also you had a medium mana flask for the entire run?

Hypothetically, if you had one more hour, what would you do with it?
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This video was great, thanks.
Would love to see other classes being done by other players as well!
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Awesome video and info, great job.
thx for the vid, good work :)
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This is really awesome - good work!
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Thought I would watch a little but ended up watching the whole thing wow Panda - awesome video - thanks for sharing how you do things it was very interesting and I learnt heaps. Impressive play and grats to getting over 35!

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