Preliminary 0.11.5 Patch Notes

looks decent :)
Fire Trap's on-hit damage has been reduced at high levels (20% at Level 15). The damage of Fire Trap's burning ground has been increased by 50%.

Can you tell me how much of a nerf it will be at level 20? I don't really understand this too much.
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Chris wrote:
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e: also, please go into more detail regarding Skin Transfer. It sounds like a one-use consumable, and people really didn't like those when they were first presented (albeit later changed).

What would you like to know about it? If the description there isn't clear I'll definitely improve it.

The consumable microtransaction idea that we presented in January was that users had to pay to remove effects from items. That was scrapped and we instead went with expensive permanent effects. Since then we've received masses of feedback that we should try some really cheap consumable ones, which is where Skin Transfer steps in.

Might I suggest the Guild Wars 2 approach?

This is a really clear interface - you click on the traits you want to keep (in order: appearance, stats, sigil [ignore this one]) and then click the transmute button. Right clicking will probably cause people to mistakenly apply the wrong appearance/stats to the wrong item.
The balance changes related to cooldowns have been made as the first steps towards the PvP balance we're working on for 1.0.0

Didn't you forget the word on here :)?
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I know it's only a couple days away, but how cheap is cheap for the skin transfers? Something like 5 points for 1 use and 50 for 12?

retracted question 2, missed a line in the notes ^.^
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- Fixed desync

Keep dreaming.
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The number of charges produced by Enduring Cry has been increased at all levels.

YES!!! Enduring Cry is getting a slight buff. Easier to max it out with this upcoming change.
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Different instances of the same skill now share the same cooldown, except in the case that the cooldown is overridden by a support (for example, the Trap support). Note that this means that skills supported by the Trap support gem cannot be bypassed by charges when they normally would be able to be.

Does this mean we will no longer be able to have 2 enduring crys and quickly double tap them for max charges?

I'm quite sad at this change as well. Seems like using a hammer when the scalpel approach of fixing the cold-snap-trap abuse would have been much better. I can't imagine anything coming in 11.6 making up for the massive inconvenience this causes to builds that honestly weren't broken or even on anyone's radar as OP. (e.g. fire traps)
Awesome, I'm excited to try out the improved game. Desync is still killer, though :(

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