How to make a build - quick start guide (2.0 updated)

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There are four distinct ways to resolve mana issues: BM, mana leech, EB/regen, and Thief's Torment. A fifth, Surgeon flasks, is open to crit builds

How about Soul Taker?

This is a pretty expensive solution, though sometimes you should consider it. For example, to manage sick manacost of Dominating Blow, Soul taker really shines.
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Molten Strike build guide:

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No offense, but this post assumes one has played the game a long time. I can't imagine someone with the game knowledge to use this guide, not knowing how to make a build.
I would like to see someone write a guide to the major nodes for each Character.

great walkthrue for new ppl.

a comment from my behalf, have done countless therio crafts of specs, and helped alot of ppl fixing specs.

start with the mind set mentioned in this tread about mechanics or skills or specific that interrest u.

try look thrue all passive tree to see special noticable, that will support that skill, gear... all as u nicely mentioned in guide..
now from this point i Work on approching different routes thrue the passives. with each toon being able to reach the diff passives... u will in this process often notice small notes on diff paths that supports the build better or in another way, u migth like more.
a commen mistake i usualy see is ppl are blinded by big passives or commen known good cicles and uses alot to travel there... maby by taking a small detour ull spend more points but gain much more on way, so u acculy dont need to travel all way to diff other skills.

a small 1 point more way thrue a int note migth fix ure curse/aura/gear requirements.

this process u shud repeat a couple of times. save the builds take a break and return... look more and make a freind or veteran player take a look at it.. very importent part.

scale ure spec to the future. so as i 100% agree with plan for 90 points but.. dos ure spec offer good past that point? i personaly belive a spec realy unfoales at lvl 90+ so if ure not seeing notacible gain in effecint points at that point u shud possibly think u maby shud chose a path that maby offers abit less good setup at lvl 70 but will scale way greater at lvl 90, remember at that point u will proppelry have acces to better equipment, that will support that even more.

min max for the honed...
if ure not into min max fair be with it. if that part of the game interrests u go for it.. it takes time but if u finished basic school u shud have the tools to do it.

u can use the wiki type Down all stats u wud look for on set. like armor life, es.
what u Uniques u wanna use... and how much more life/res u migth need on other items since thoes rarely offer that combo, add it all up with the % gained on passives. remeber notes like 12% "more" after CI.

as a comment i did on my last toon a complete calculation into passives, lvl wise, map lvl and endgame. combining em with calculating the set. best possible, and realisticly optainable. this process takes many many hours but is a option to garentee succes before the toon even is made.

a small video i made before starting the toon about my basic techinc and thourts
its not pretty and havent fixed the sound when i made it. turn up volume.

not to highjack ure tread, awesome good initative. just my 5 penny
lastly a link to the final guide all this turned out to.
(abit lowball commercial i know :)
new players shud not try to build this toon, but take note in how i explain the mechaics.
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I can't imagine someone with the game knowledge to use this guide, not knowing how to make a build.

You might be surprised.

Making a decent build requires juggling and accounting for several variables. Some folks, myself included, simply aren't good at such things. I just think in a different way that's not conducive to building something intangible. I can fix almost anything mechanical because I can see how the parts fit together and interact with one another, see just by looking how something is supposed to work, and therefore see the problem with it. It's because I have a more concrete way of thinking. Something like making a build is dealing with the abstract and requires a different thought process that just doesn't come naturally to everyone.
Thaelyn wrote:

You might be surprised.

Making a decent build requires juggling and accounting for several variables.

I did not follow conversation entirely but i'll throw in my two cents;

First, most successful builds revolve around a gimmick, a trick or OP unique.

Pro is that they are more efficient then "normal" builds and can be quite brutal.

Con is that they are usually nerfed sooner or later.

For example there is spectral throw build that utilizes three elemental auras and fast ele. damage weapon, his whole tree is spread in weird and seemingly inefficient way to grab every possible aura node + alpha howl. Needles to say lvl 78 bosses die very fast by his jet of spectral throws.

There are many examples, some of those builds are not even posted because of nerfhammer fear.

In short, although making your old build is fun, I've myself made 3-4, best builds are usually already discovered. Ofc you can use base idea of certain other build and modify it to your liking (my last totem storm call witch was amalgam of three other builds and turn all right just fine) but often re-discovering warm water (the obvious) is not as efficient as just copying other guy who has spend hundreds of hours and many exalts in determining right combo.

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[Build] TK's CoC Crit Shadow aka THE WELDER /view-thread/787487
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I'm brand spankin new to the game. I'd rather not fumble around finding a build for my first playthrough. I'd rather get a specific suggestion for a build with some guidance about where to spend points/talents/resources at first to start to pursue the build. Then for any subsequent characters I'll know enough to read and digest the forums - but most of what's on these forums reads like greek to me atm. :P

I'd prefer something that is "tanky" and "ranged" and a build that I can play without lots of legacy gear passed down from other characters since this will be my first character. Also a character who I can keep playing to whatever serves as endgame in PoE - i.e. level 100 or whatever it is that you do with high level characters. In other words I don't want a wondrous character for the first playthrough then at harder levels find out that it's a fail build.

Can I get some specific suggestions?

Thank you
What does this mean, "Hey guys, guess what? If you support FP with multiprojectiles, they can all hit the same target! (Found a skill synergy of interest)"?

What is FP? Did you just say that projectiles, like bows, can be aimed to hit the same target? How? Edit: okay, so a google search pulled up Freezing pulse, so now I see how the multi projectile makes it better; but it is a spell and not a bow attack.

My biggest issue with POE is people using acronyms. When making a guide, you should assume that you are talking to new players. While we will eventually learn many of these acronyms, the guides make little sense as the letters start flying out of nowhere (no context or way to figure it out). It would be really helpful to have the acronyms spelled out like this: ES (energy shield). It's the only way we are going to figure out what the guide is saying. Where are the guides to understanding the guides?

Not sure if you covered "charges" but people mention them and they are on the passive tree, yet I have no idea how to get them, how they help, how to use them, how to know how many I have, etc etc. Why should a build chose a frenzy charge passive keystone or an endurance charge?

Junkx recommends frenzy charges here: He says that dark Ray vectors boots are important for this with a +1 to frezy charges, but they reduce the duration by 50% thus making me think that I have no idea how these charges work. Please help.
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good guide
Spend some quality time with it. Learn what makes it tick and how it feels. And try to settle issues with it instead of getting a divorce immediately, because you will always run into some unforeseen problem. Always.

Sounds like good relationship advice.
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