Post your best find of the day!

Is this one good?
After four-and-a-half leagues of Prophecies I've finally seen a "Mysterious Gift" that doesn't totally suck.

from div card
just dropped from unique monsters drop corrupted items

225IIQ 420%IIR 222k Barrage dps, #1 mf build/gear in PoE
My first Uber Atziri.

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chanced, last port MT proph Vault clear. 4 divines to 30/60
I got a fever and the only prescription, is more cowbell!
Just a word of warning exiles, don't put your delicate SRS staff in the dryer on hot, or it could shrink like this one!

Damn.... so close!
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Dropped from a Dark Forrest Breach. My first ones ever.
Straw Polls will save humankind! It is known!

found that in courtyard. 8% inc. ES and DOT as blue, 1 regal and i got this beauty. nearly perfect for my RF guardian

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