Rules for league events

Hello! My hideout in last league be better then hideout of std league, but now i have old of it in std league. Level of masters is lower too. It is a bug or not? Can u help me?

UPD. Its done. Thx!
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My character was not be moved in the Standard league at the end of the Mayhem event, it is in void league.
Hello, I have matured to such a proposal, the question of who is farming maps, orbs, clothes and that's the main who is farming the chaos sets, kings etc, I would like to be able to sell the map and not run to the shelter and to sell to vendor, I think this will greatly simplify and help the exiles to grow and gain wealth. It is necessary, because portals only 6, and sets drops a decent amount, so I would like to be able to sell them on the map, I don't know how but it would be very cool. Thank you.
did not come chest for 35 lvl up with the league Flashback ...

4 days have passed I already 78 level
Question: I've now destroyed 2 walls with dynamite (and the league quest tracker shows 2/100 walls destroyed) but Niko isn't registering that quest as complete. Are there special conditions for the quest? Do I have to destroy walls in my own instance or solo or something similar?
These rules are pretty understandible for me! Thank you!
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So wait, I'm confused. I've never participated in a PoE event before. How do I join the event? Do I just wait until the event goes live and create my character then? Or do I have to somehow join the event ahead of time? And if so, how do I go about doing that? Thank you.
Hello all! I am not sure if this thread is appropriate but I have a question. Does anybody have an Excel file or something like that where you can write and prepare all stuff you need to a new build in PoE? To prepare all the progression, skill tree, gems, items etc etc so that you can quickly look there and know immediately which gems to pick up or collect and XP, which items where etc etc. Thanks in advance!
Why the f am i waitng 1 month and 10 days for you to respond to my question at the mehanich feedback.. So stupid this ggg staff
blackshow97 wrote:
Why the f am i waitng 1 month and 10 days for you to respond to my question at the mehanich feedback.. So stupid this ggg staff

Because he gets dozens of questions a day, and probably has an assload more stuff to do. It straight up says he won't be able to get to every question.

And the answer to the question is no, if an enemy can't be taunted "Taunted enemies can't evade" doesn't apply.
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