Rules for league events

Hello! My hideout in last league be better then hideout of std league, but now i have old of it in std league. Level of masters is lower too. It is a bug or not? Can u help me?

UPD. Its done. Thx!
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My character was not be moved in the Standard league at the end of the Mayhem event, it is in void league.
Hello, I have matured to such a proposal, the question of who is farming maps, orbs, clothes and that's the main who is farming the chaos sets, kings etc, I would like to be able to sell the map and not run to the shelter and to sell to vendor, I think this will greatly simplify and help the exiles to grow and gain wealth. It is necessary, because portals only 6, and sets drops a decent amount, so I would like to be able to sell them on the map, I don't know how but it would be very cool. Thank you.
did not come chest for 35 lvl up with the league Flashback ...

4 days have passed I already 78 level
Question: I've now destroyed 2 walls with dynamite (and the league quest tracker shows 2/100 walls destroyed) but Niko isn't registering that quest as complete. Are there special conditions for the quest? Do I have to destroy walls in my own instance or solo or something similar?

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