Plot inconsistency with Helena dialogue

Helena's dialogue concerning Lorrata, which appears after killing the Weaver, presents a confusing situation. She opens by saying, "The tree that Yeena calls Lorrata is the only thing standing in between Piety and whatever awaits behind that ancient gateway to the northwest...". Helena then goes on to implore us to destroy the tree with the Baleful Gem and the Spike, so that we can try and beat Piety in a race to the Pyramid---but if the tree is the only thing standing in the way of Piety, why would we kill the tree at all? Why not just destroy or hide the spike and gem and leave the way trapped to everyone?

Besides, how does Oak have any influence over the township if nothing, not even Piety, can pass through the barrier? It's something that could probably be fixed with a few tweaks to the dialogue, but right now that whole bit with the tree doesn't make a lot of sense.
All I can say is never try to make sense of the story in an arpg, I learnt that from Diablo 1-3. The gameplay is always the focus, imo. Graphics, sound and storyline are not an arpg forte. My 2 cents lol
While true as far as the quality of the story is concerned (imo), real inconsistencies should be avoided. Never really noticed the one OP mentioned, but now that he did, yeah, it's there and since it should be no big issue fixing it, it should be fixed.
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I was also wondering how oak could be trouble behind the barrier. GGG is constantly trying to improve background. The flaw mentioned should be corrected before any further story tuning imo.
Helena states that the tree stands between Piety and the barrier, but she says nothing about whether the tree is actually capable of halting Piety or if it would merely slow her down (which it does, as Piety most certainly reaches Sarn before you do)

As for Oak, as he resides in pools and streams he probably harasses the village by having his men pee in the rivers that eventually become the village's water supply
Piety and her team raid the Chamber of sins. She steals whatever powers it held and escapes while her team gets slaughtered by fidelitas. As you can clearly see just as you encounter her she has gained the power to create red portals and teleports herself out of the chamber. So then it is not much of a stretch to assume she just teleports over the barrier.

As far as Helena knows the only conventional way to get over the barrier is to destroy the tree. She doesn't know about Piety's new power cos she was stuck in a hole.

I got nothing about Oak.
You must construct additional pylons.
The fact that it's taken this many months for someone to notice this inconsistency, which occurs in a single conversation, really says something about how much people pay attention to the story in this game!
Posts have been made before about this, but in general the whole lore things needs to be completed and well put into place, because for a long time a proper discussion has been impossible due to looking at a wrecked car.

A normal car we can inspect and we kind flaws to repair and improve a wrecked piece of debris makes you wonder where to even start. There is also this continuous style of never naming things directly but vaguely describing them, which is very primitive. It might fit the world and time line of the game, but it poorly communicates with the gamer as we stopped communicating that way over a 1000 years ago.

There are other games that do this, but than they throw in an analysis, they show these visions in a graphical way 2d story book or 3d movie clip. The eras and the people that talked in these way would be making a lot of gestures, show simple 2d drawings or used items (think animal bones) to emphasize their story, even using music wasn't strange to them. All this stuff is missing from the game. Yeah you get to the tree (more the tree roots), but this is all after the words are spoken a tie-in is needed when you communicate. If this isn't possible than the communication between NPC and characters deserves to be less vague.
I gave up on trying to make sense out of the plot. Right from the get go your path through Wraeclast makes absolutely no sense. You run around picking through Rhoa nests so you can find glyphs that open an underwater passage that allows you to get to the Prison? Really? I mean, really? Nevermind that once you get the medicine chest, there is absolutely no plot motivation for doing anything else whatsoever, nevermind that. What in God's name is up with the glyphs opening the tidal passage and why on earth is it the only way to get to.... other places?

It's reminiscent of the story toward the end of act 1 where Piety blocks off the path inland and suddenly you're heading for Merveil with no clue as to why. Is there any REASON why her Lair connects to the forest inland? Are we supposed to be under the impression that the player heads there with this goal in mind?

As you stated regarding Act 2, it makes no sense for Helena to say that the tree stands between Piety and "whatever is on the other side" because obviously she's also been on the other side for a while, adding to her dead body collection in Lunaris Temple.

Similarly, unleashing the darkness is a total mystery. There is a sphere in the way so you knock it over and unleash something. What? Why? Who put that there? How is this the only path to Sarn?

Storytelling is a massive problem for PoE, so much to the point that it's mostly impossible to tell whether the writing itself has holes in it, or the information simply isnt being communicated to the player.

Just because Diablo 3 had an awful story doesnt mean you can claim that stories arent important in ARPGs. Story and atmosphere were both absolutely integral parts to the experience of Diablo 1 and 2. The storytelling for Diablo 2 in particular was actually very well done.
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Gotta go through that again, but as far as I remember Tarkleigh asks you to open the pass to the forest, for there be nice pickings (of berries and stuff) and more food than you can shake a stick at.
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