Path of Exile 0.11.0

Great work!!
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So there will be a finite supply of Anarcy uniques that make their way back to Standard? Any way in the future to get them as well?
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Am I so stupid cuz I missed the "secret awesomeness"? Don't tell me it's the achievements?
An if you gonna disable Kaom's Heart, how about disabling the other OP uniques like Shavrones and Lioneys - sound fair too me.

And man is Onslaught really just a league with turbo mode? That is not even anything new. We had a week turbo race in CB...
this is fucking awesome, I'm so exited. you guys are definitely the best dev team out there right now. Albeit very small team considering other companies.
keep up the good work, cant wait for the patch notes
Its always in the last place you look
Chris wrote:
purestevil wrote:
Did I read correctly that Standard League is the parent league for Anarchy League?

Death in Hardcore goes to Standard.
Death in Onslaught goes to Standard.
At the end of Anarchy, chars move to Standard.
At the end of Onslaught, chars move to Hardcore.

So Anarchy is a new non-hardcore league. Onslaught is a new hardcore league. It's important that dead Onslaught chars don't appear in Anarchy (reasons are in the article).

TYVM for clarification. Sounds like a lot of fun!
rflynn74 wrote:
Truth is- I really could give a shit about leagues, I dont play Path of Exile 12+ hours a day.

if you're lucky, you can find Anarchy-specific and Onslaught-specific Unique
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So the passive changes are more or less balance changes to existing passives, rather than a change to the layout?
We've also addressed the power of some of some passive skills that were basically mandatory in previous versions

RIP static blows you will not be missed. Or at least that one came to mind immediately.
Not to complain, I understand you guys are working hard and these patches are just awesome. It's great to see so much improvement and work be done. But I still can't play due to resync issues that are so severe mobs are nonstop teleporting around with latency 30-40~ :( So I don't get to play with all these cool new changes since I'd just die on HC again.
Before I read the notes, let me say this:


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