Microtransaction Footprints Demo Video

i think the big part people forgetting that GGG are a SMALL company of around 30 people,
and not activision like company,

for them to make even a small change takes time (&money) to create and test till perfection

dont forget the game is out only 2.5 month (open beta)
show me 1 game that update that frequently each week (even for only bug fixing and unique)

give a little respect to the great people behind GGG

I think we've repeated enough times by now that the microtransaction effects are done by about 5% of the team :)

I understand people are impatient for some real announcements. Sooooon!
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Now all we need is Shark Bite Cold Snap (think Shark-O-Matic from SR: The Third) and Sharknado Cyclone

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I just want stash tabs for cheaper. lol.
There can only be one Oatmeal.
How does this work in cut-throat?
This is offtopic, but yeah..
When 1.0 is released, will our characters get deleted and everything start from scratch again?
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Completed 18 ChallengesKvazz wrote:
This is offtopic, but yeah..
When 1.0 is released, will our characters get deleted and everything start from scratch again?

Nope, your characters are safe, the last delete was at the start of Open Beta
I would'nt really mind if that was the case, but that's cool to know!
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jzaeleven wrote:
This is fucking stupid. Feel free to ban me but this is just why people stop playing, because all the updates are dumb shit like this instead of actual content and stuff that makes the game more fun to play.

Wheres the alternate gender models for player characters? Wheres Act3x? Wheres the new models for equipment? How about some updates that isn't just uniques that only 0,5% of the playerbase are actually gonna use? No one cares about fucking purchasable footprints. Fuck GGG, i want my fucking money back. I didn't fucking pay you multiple times for keys and microtransactions for fucking glowing footprints.

You just need to chill dude. The Uniques are created mostly by the player base. They have been working on most of those things that you mentioned, but things take time. This is a beta, not a fully released game. When the game is considered released, it will be more like you asked.
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