Microtransaction Footprints Demo Video

It has been a fun week teasing 0.11.0 content, but there's only one secret thing left to tell you about. I hope it's ready to announce tomorrow.
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Awesome :)
Excited :p
Oh my god, yes.
They do work in town, but don't leave the semi-permanent black footprints behind you

Good idea! I don't want town with black footprints everywhere! :)
My wishlist: Hi-res digital artbook
Allow spaces in character names
Vulkan and Linux support
Opensource the game
Cool. Make an 'inferno boots' MT leaving fiery footprints too :3
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Trophy tab from the teaser screenie of monster health bars means Achievements, which is cool, not that big of a deal though :c
This is fucking stupid. Feel free to ban me but this is just why people stop playing, because all the updates are dumb shit like this instead of actual content and stuff that makes the game more fun to play.

Wheres the alternate gender models for player characters? Wheres Act3x? Wheres the new models for equipment? How about some updates that isn't just uniques that only 0,5% of the playerbase are actually gonna use? No one cares about fucking purchasable footprints. Fuck GGG, i want my fucking money back. I didn't fucking pay you multiple times for keys and microtransactions for fucking glowing footprints.
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jzaeleven wrote:
This is not awesome and im not excited. Feel free to ban me, this is just stupid.

Awww! Someone needs a hug :)
Although MT I'm waiting for is a helmet effect which will match necrotic weapon effect, I'm definitely into this footprint coolness :)
Anticipation slowly dissipates...

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