0.11.0's Weathered Carvings

We'll be deploying a tiny patch later this week (probably 0.10.8d) to rename the "Default" league to "Standard". This is entirely a visual change for tidiness and doesn't affect how any leagues behave.

The 0.10.8d patch is unlikely to contain any new Unique items because we're planning six new Unique items for 0.11.0 that rely on some changes in that patch.

A lot of people guessed that the "Onslaught" league (teased yesterday) is a permanent cut-throat event. It's not, but we are very excited about cut-throat and are keen to run longer and longer CT events starting pretty soon. More info on this new league type and the foreshadowed "awesomeness" will be posted in the coming days!
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first :D

edit: thanks alot for the updates and for keeping us up to date with news, cant wait for the secret awesomeness to come.
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for gear and build
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Looking good guys!
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To me, Onslaught sounds like a wave system league, kind of like the unique map, but with infinite number of waves. Although I'm more than likely wrong in every way possible.

Can't wait for the "secret awesomeness", and of course, more uniques. :)
Omg he's first! :D
Chris wrote:
It's not, but we are very excited about cut-throat and are keen to run longer and longer CT events starting pretty soon.

Need... more... cutthroat... @_@
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I like this lore stuff, I wish I was new again, because when I was new I was really into the lore. Now I play PoE too meta so I have to force myself to read / listen what npcs have to say.
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Always nice to have more lore, and while I don't think I would participate too much into PVP I am intrigued to see how GGG plans to maintain longer term PVP leagues.
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Additional lore about famous names like Lionseye koams and hyrri? yes please.
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As another lore-lover, I'm *fairly* sure that this new lore is going to be my favourite part of 0.11.0.

Obligatory lore note: as far as I know, I think this is the first canonical mention of gemlings as soldiers. It kind of makes sense since most of the game's gems are combat skills, but the only actual gemlings we've met (as opposed to Undying, presumably corrupted in the same event that destroyed the Empire) are a non-violent NPC and a bunch of warped monstrosities that, while threatening, probably wouldn't last too long against a well-organised and trained army.

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