Screenshot of a New 0.11.0 Feature

One of the small changes in the upcoming 0.11.0 patch is that the next few race events are shown on the character selection screen. This will make it easy to see what events are going to start soon when you begin your play session, without having to visit the full event calendar on the website. One of the goals of this patch is to make it easier to select which league to play in, so pulling out running/upcoming events helps achieve this.

The screenshot doesn't show the final UI for the feature (for example, two of those "Join" buttons should be greyed out), but helps illustrate how the character screen will look in the new patch. We still show the same number of characters and still have the league filtering box. The additional space came from the removal of the title at the top of the page. The events shown in the example are just ones I created for illustration. There's no "Season X" :P
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That's awesome. Good change.

What's the Onslaught League?
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My beloved pets....

Ah pretty rad! Good feature.
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AHHHHH JUNE 7th I can't wait!
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onslaught league confirmed, oh man.
nice, cant wait
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Can't wait for the new patch!
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Chris wrote:
There's no "Season X" :P

But wait, SOXE01, S0XE02: hinting at a "Pair of Socks" maybe?
In game socks... would be hidden by shoes so take the concept further ... Pants?!?!?

Shock reveal!


Looking forward to the patch! :)
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Wow, that looks very nice and is great for convenience sake. I like the new banner art, and oh my god Onslaught League sounds brutal and satisfying. Now we know the true owner of the names "Nerf", "Path", and "Wraeclast".
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