Sir Moustache's Zombie Father - 100% Crit Zombies with Maata, 9 auras, Baron, Ghostwrithe and more!

What I have here for you is a very sophisticated zombie build, which I have been refining for over two leagues now.

This build dances with a lot of mechanics, and I recommend watching the build explanation video, which is pretty much the same I wrote here, except a bit more entertaining:

We use the new Maata's teaching to cap our childrens critical strike chance, and give them our nine fatherly auras to make them angrier and safe.

3.22.14 Update:
Added deep delve version. Read notes to see the changelog.

Let me explain you the mechanics.


First of all, we get the legendary ghostwrithe chest.

It will convert half of our life into energy shield, and we will boost it further with the shaper's touch, since we have lots of strength.

Now we can reserve our life and get nine auras. However, chaos damage will kill us faster than you think, because it bypasses the energy shield.

We use corruscating elixir to prevent this, but we need it to have permanent uptime.

To solve this, we use a brutal restraint timeless jewel with balbala influence and pick the traitor keystone.

Now if we use no more than three flasks, these flasks will be almost permanent.

Since we now have pure energy shield, we need our children to leech us energy shield.

In order to do so, we go all the way right and get ghost reaver.

It might seem like a little stretch, but the instant leech mastery makes up for all the points we spent.

Which is by far the best defense we can get.

With our 12 zombies and instant leech,

we can put the glorious vaal pact days to shame,

and make the slayer builds run for their money.

You can also get Zealoth's Oat, but it provides a ridiculous amount of recovery, and I also like to live dangerously.

The next thing we are going to do is get purity of ice, lightning, and fire to get some maximum resistances.

Remember the timeless jewel we just bought? You can get 16% aura effect with it if you use 7476 or 5189.

Since we are an aura stacking guardian, we also stack all the aura effect mods on the passive and ascendancy tree to reach 80% aura effect.

Besides giving us an enormous boost to speed and damage, it will also allow us and our children to get 9% maximum resistances from purity auras.

In order to do so, we will get level 21 gems and put them into our gloves or boots with at least +2 aura or aoe implicit.

We also get a watcher's eye with phasing for smooth gameplay and immunity to ignite or shock.

If you can get a reduced shock effect in the implicits on your jewels, you will be immune to shock with the soul of garukhan, and you can also use soul of Brine King to get freeze immunity and a reduced chill effect.

But I prefer soul of lunaris since you will rarely get frozen, if ever.

For stun immunity, we get Immutable Force jewel. You don't need a very good roll; I have 30 milliseconds stun duration with this one. You won't even notice it.

Flasks give us 20% less damage taken, which translates to 88% elemental resistances.

Enchantments on them are very important.

Now let's talk about those nasty crits.

With Maata's Teaching, our children's critical strike chance is equal to our main weapon.

You don't need one for starting up, but with a perfect rolled maata, 30% quality, and this enchantment, we get 9,42% base-critical strike chance for our minions.

We use divergent spirit offering in our helmet for an extra 4 levels on it,

precision with awakened generosity in a +2 or 4 boots,

increased critical strikes support,

power charges from our two host chieftains,

and fearsome force node in the tree to reach over 99% critical strike chance.

You can drop anomalous summon chaos golem and put enhance in your helmet to overcap your critical strike chance. I would go with Chaos Golem for defenses, but it's up to you.

Now that we have around 100% critical strike chance, it's time to boost it further with critical strike multipliers.

That's where the grand spectrum jewels comes into play.

It may seem subtle, but read the wording carefully.

If we get three of them, it will give our children 90% critical strike multiplier.

If we get Kingmaker on our butler, we get another 50% more, besides other cool features like anointing your butler with the Kingmaker title.

We can also use increased critical damage support for another 190% more, which I used until I got a level 4 empower.

It gives you around 40% more minion life while providing the same damage.

Since I have a +3 ghostwrithe chest, it gives a little bit more.

I also use replica dragonfang's flight amulet now, which gives me level 34 raise zombies with extra health pool and an extra zombie.

While we are at it, let's talk about our almost immortal children.

I recently discovered anomalous feeding frenzy, which gives around 3% recovery per second.

Since we have nine auras, we have 45% increased recovery rate for our flock.

Add the regeneration from the 4 renewal jewels, and they have around 10% life recovery every second.

If the situation is dire, your mission is to also protect them by calling them under your wings and healing their wounds with convocation.

I don't even feel the need ever since I got level 4 empower. My children are almost always on full life.

Since our auras also affect them, they have 83% to all elemental resistances and 90% physical damage reduction. They also have 60% chaos resistance.

The only thing they are vulnerable to is critical strikes, especially the on-death ground effects in delve, and that's where our butler, the Kingmaker, comes into play again.

We use the Garb of the Ephemeral to disable enemy critical strike chances altogether and sail to a happy life ever after.

I'm currently at 900 depth with this build, and our flock is doing fine.

I'm planning to get past 1000 depth, or as much as our Queen Atziri allows me.

As we go deeper, we will make some tiny adjustments depending on the feedback of the delve.

If we need defenses, we can tune down damage and get more defense, and vice versa.

I will update you as we go along.

I recorded my progression after I initially switched to this version.

You can use it in the pob to ease your gearing, then optimize your build into this endgame version as you get more currency.

From flask enchantments to alternate gems, every detail in the build is important, and possibilities are endless.

I tried countless options including links, permanent onslaughts with warcries, going for 1500 strength, getting 100% aura effect, alternate skill setups, trees and settled with this one for now.

Once you get used to the build, I encourage you to be experimental and share your research with me.



Mtx I Use:

Ebony Raise Spectre
Raise Mummy
Necrolord Cloak
Niko's Bear for Delve
Lithomancer Armor set, except the helmet, that is where Baron is

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build cost?
There are nine different builds in the pob ranging from level 1 to endgame with multiple budgets for 1, 10 and 50 divines.

With the latest version, you can use replica dragonfang instead of the greatwolf, reducing the endgame cost greatly.

You can jumpstart endgame dragonfang version under 15 divines, then scale your build up to 100 divines with better cluster jewels, awakened multistrike and maybe getting a +3 ghostwrithe.

nvm. just read the guide and found it
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Hello, what bandit did you kill act 2?
Nydeal wrote:
Hello, what bandit did you kill act 2?

Hi! Kill all and get skill points.

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