(3.22) Boneshatter Juggernaut SSF HC viable-very tanky and atleast 5 mil damage[for newer players]

Hi everyone. This build is made with all the information from top notch players(like ben) given information and hours of effort spent on studying a lot of different builds on juggernaut boneshatter. So its a disclaimer, i didn't make the base build and the idea obviously, i just tried to get it close to as much as perfect as possible.

I am not planning on typing a ton of unnecessary information here like in other builds. Only thing I can brag about is I have an insane notes section. If you are newcomer to PoE or its your first time playing a melee build or even a SSF league its the build for you. We all know or heard or seen on the internet Boneshatter is a bonkers build so i'm not gonna marketize the build.

I was preparing the PoB for myself and couple of my newcomer friends(poe is hyped after d4 hype) so I thought to myself I can explain some things more on PoB and arrange it on english(btw its not my mother tongue so sorry if i make any mistakes) so people all around the globe who're new to the game can benefit from the guide.

I have a ton of information given in the PoB's notes sections and also early lvling guide, every 15-30 lvls how you gotta improve your skill tree etc.
This SS should show some to you guys.


Again in the notes section there is a whole section where I suggest how you should gear your character, how your char will or should look like at certain stages of the game. Yeah that should be about it. I'd gladly answer any questions if you don't understand anything about the build. I hope you like it.

Pantheons: Lunaris and Tukohamahttps://prnt.sc/9NkiWw9yysfE
I forget that some people are new to PoB. So I showed how to check pantheons on pob in the link above as well.

Also I realised in my tests, if you don't have -manacost craft on your accesories, you can take mana leech on tree near vaal pact, i highly recommend it.(https://prnt.sc/PkN6fKMnaEmp)[/b][/u]

Since this build uses a lot of buttons I wanted to help you out with how to place them, here how I use my skill bars;
1st bar: https://prnt.sc/mG-WEuM6P2Il
2nd bar: https://prnt.sc/P-uNRCzzA7zr


I think most of you guys don't know that Awakened poe trade doesnt have a feature like this so I wanted to share;


Go to settings, and have a button assigned to map check.
It can save your life many times, believe me it did mine for thousands of times.


You can arrange them from both settings and the mapcheck button.
It has 3 profiles(for all differenet chars, lets say you play 1 caster and 1 melee phys, you can create caster for profile 1 and for profile 2 you can arrange melee phys one)

Deadly map mods are(Risks explained with stars):

1. Phys reflect(you die)
2. -maxiumum resistances(you die)
3. Player CANNOT regenerate life.(you die)

4. Reduced aura effect(*****)
5. Monsters fire +2 projectiles(****)
6. Two or more phys as elemental damage(****)
7. Crit multi+critchance(this mod only by itself ****)
8. Players have 20% less prevented spell damage from suppression(***)
9. Monsters have increased attack&cast speed(boss can kill you ***)
10. Reduced armour&vulnerability(***)

Mods that I try to avoid as much as possible:
1. Monsters has percentage life as extra energy shield
2. Stacked reduced phys damage reduction and more life on monsters
3. Unique bosses are possessed
4. Less accuracy&enfeeble&blind on hit(For precise technique, if your accuracy lower than your life you simply deal 40% less damage)
5. Less effect of curses on monsters(less dmg)
6. Monsters skills chain 2 additional times
7. Increased monster damage(depending on the mods near it)

Link to PoB:(updating it as much as possible)


I decided to update this line whenever I update the build so you wont fall behind guys;
LAST UPDATED: 27 august 2023

Its the first time I ever share a build. If you like or dislike anything please make a comment on it so I can improve it better.

GL&HF in the league and Stay sane, Exile! :)
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In which order should the ascendancy be completed, awesome POB by the way!
I am giving this a whirl as my league starter! It's been a long time since I did melee, and I've heard nothing but positive things about Boneshatter. Your notes section is super comprehensive, that's a lot of work put into this, looks like a true labor of love :D Will update about how I get along in the acts.
I want to rock right meow
Hey, thanks for comments on both of you. To be honest I was gonna stop updating the build because I had no reactions to it from anybody except for my friends. I'm glad I was able to help people out and I am gonna once again mention that I'm going to help wherever you feel like you have a clunkyness/unfixable problem you're having etc.

So coming back to questions @ChazReinhold the sole and most important thing I aim for is not dying, especially if you're playing Hardcore so ONLY IF you're playing hardcore I'd recommend untiring first and then as second if you switched to boneshatter from sunder undeniable if not then unbreakable, third is definetely undeniable. But I assume most of the players are going to play the game in a more chill way which is sc, in that case I'd definetely recommend going for 1st undeniable, 2nd untiring, 3rd unbreakable and 4th unstoppable and also I'm sorry that I forgot to include that in the build in the first place. But its the first time I ever made a pob guide so please do forgive me :)

@Laeortia I'm glad you're a returning player, I hope you enjoy the build and my guide trying to explain it. To have a smoother run(unless you're playing ssf obivously) I'd recommend using some early uniques as it could make your run much smoother only for couple of alchemy or chaos orbs such as 'belt of the deceiver' or le heup, and again if I were to be honest builds acts are not the easiest or the fastest so making it smoother or easier could entertain you better in my opinion.

Also I am making some updates on the build such as flasks and couple of other things, I wish you all a very pleasent run and a league guys :)
Just the guide I was looking for. Played many times over the years but am not by any means a great player. Thanks!
Trying this build, thank you for guide in notes, as a new player a aprecciate this!
Just want to add, the note section is awesome. Thank you very much for posting that :)
I'm glad notes section was useful for you guys :)
I am giving this a spin while balancing information from poe-vault guide as well. Seems to level pretty well, made it to maps this weekend and I'm not an expert. Biggest thing is I felt this build needs almost all red sockets yet for some reason items I need/wanted never had any! Ugh. But when you do get a good drop you get big jumps in damage. Now trying to eye ball my first purchase, trying to find a 6L axe for cheap.

Other than that, trying to keep accuracy above HP has been.. a chore.. never thought I'd be upset with having TOO much hp.
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Do not go with 6 link axe, go for 6 link body armour.
Elreon "- mana cost" is a blessing, if you have no luck getting it from syndicate, buy a unveiled ring (if you are in a trade league)

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