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Update would be great!
Is there an upgraded version of this guide?
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Thanks to op who made this guide, Ignore all the idiots you don't owe anyone anything. :)
i do not want this to be updated lol.

even the op said that this year that a lot of info in this guide is just pure crap and should be ignored. and that he is amazed that people did listen to his advices...
Heya, I just want to thank Lyra (creator of this guide) for their efforts in making such an amazing resource! Your work is appreciated, and we all owe you a debt of gratitude.

With that said, I have a general question concerning maps that might be answerable with current information available: What are the best map bases of each tier for pack size and in general, number of mobs that spawn?

I'm sure this is something a lot of people already have a solid feeling for if they have been mapping a while, but I just started this game at the launch of talisman, so I don't have the raw experience to make that judgement yet, especially for map tiers I've yet to reach (like 12 and up)

When it comes to difficulty, or speed of runs, that's not a concern of mine in general, it's more just which map will yield the highest chance of further map drops, and up until recently I thought all maps had the same amount of monsters in them, but I've learned that isn't true XD

So yeah, thanks if anyone answers this for me, and thanks to the OP no matter what!
Thank you OP for doing this, even though its outdated by maybe 2 years now lol.

Can anyone contribute/update the original post to include the new maps + tier information?
This is the one I should be reading as well with regards to mapping.

Thanks OP for this. :O)

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