[3.22/Ruthless] Absolution Guardian

what spectres do u prefere?
I went blind into this league. Maybe the easiest leveling through campaign in like 30 leagues for me.

I ran my own build but its all the same. But it fell off in red maps especially t16. I only had like 80c into the build at t16. This is the best starter build I can think of.

I only put in a couple hundred chaos and t16 is good now. My issue is the game does not have allot to offer to push this build higher. Bad items, bad, passives, bad cluster jewels.

I have like 10d I am on console so this is 3 days in. There is nothing I can do to push this build further.

I never play summon builds and been playing bow last 3 leagues. I got to say though this build on 2d does what bow builds I played in previous leagues did with 20d.

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