(Incursion>3.21>forever) Undying Faith - 8x Raise Spectre - Guardian & Necromancer

Kalithas wrote:
Undying Faith[/b]! This is so named because unlike so many other games and studio's GGG is still around and hasn't sold their products soul

*looks around obliviously*

lyndoff wrote:
Just want to say thanks for posting this, and glad to see there are still Raise Spectre fans out there. The gem is literally the only reason I haven't switched games yet. If it continues to lag behind and another game with the same skill comes up then I'd jump into that in a heartbeat.

With that said, I'm also trying to make Raise Spectre work by pouring out everything I have into it. Would be taking inspiration from this build you've made and see if I can incorporate some of the design choices you made.

Ur welcome, If you need any assistance feel free to contact me via PM or my IGN is: AeternumTenibris this league.

Edit: that includes assistance with your own spectre build :P would love to see more of these out there.

Best of luck :D

red666devil wrote:
GGG is owned by China now. They sold themselves off. You should check the Chinese PoE. Its amazingly better.

Kind-of they made a pretty good deal as far as how much tencent would influence the international version and tencent in the games i have played that they took over weren't really destroyed but the cosmetics definitely felt some extra pressure.
Innocence forgives you
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Interesting. Food for thought. I wish GGG made full spectre builds a thing again without having to spend mirrors to do “ok” boss damage. Clear is still definitely there.

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