[3.22] Kinetic Blast & Power Siphon Build | Ascendant | Trial of the Ancestors | Path of Exile 3.22

@Witcher123456: Yeah, currently I'm running with penetration WE and saving up my currency for double WE with penetration and ES in hit. In between I've specced into the 10% instant leech mastery, it feels at least tankier.
is this relevant for 3.21?
based on my build/equipment, can someone tell me why i hardly do any damage and die very quickly?
is this build still viable for 3.22? I have most gear and passive points. I changed a few things based on what I found on poe ninja builds. I can't figure out how the original build guide shows 2.1M dps for kb and 30M for power siphon while I only have 800k/10M respectively. I know my gear isn't quite as good but even when I manually add 300 int to my build my damage only goes up a fraction. Any help would be appreciated!

My current POB here:

INT stacking is dead lol does low dmg compared to other builds with low investments

Honest question, how is int stacking dead?

What low investment build would you recommend as an alternative?

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