Kalandra Mystery Box Microtransactions on Sale - Get a Free Mystery Box When You Spend Points

Wallmeat wrote:
Weta-gang assemble 👍

Weta-gang assemble!
I, too, am experiencing quite a delay in the delivery of the box. Approaching 2 hours or so since I bought a skill effect. It's not the first time there has been delays early in this deal so I'm sure it'll get resolved but if you are still waiting just know it's not just you.
But the question is...

Whats in the box?!
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mikep4567 wrote:
But the question is...

Whats in the box?!

a new moss decoration (guild only)

Also its been 3 hours, haven't received the box yet! pls GGG gimme something good :p
pls pls
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ScreenName wrote:
sumfight wrote:
Free box is always appreciated


On the off chance that anyone actually reads this:

I hate to be negative, but I have to say I think it's quite shifty and downright wrong to sell a mystery box with a random chance for getting each item, encouraging people to keep gambling until they get what they want, if you then put the items up for sale individually.

I'm never buying a mystery box again. I bought a fair share of Kalandra boxes for the one specific thing I wanted, because the only way to get items before was through the box. Had I known they would go on sale, I could have spent a fraction of the points and bought the one single thing I wanted.

I don't remember the exact numbers, but didn't some things have a 0.X% chance of dropping? The rare colors of the body armor and minion amulets for example. And then the amulets have a what, 10-20 point price difference now? People that gambled a ton to get the 0.5% chance amulet color, versus the 2.5% color one, and now everyone can buy the rare color for basically the same price. 20 points difference is nothing compared to a 0.5% chance vs a 2.5% chance. (1/200 vs 1/40, or a 8000 point difference) Quite the slap in the face for the guy that got the "rare" thing.

But hey, please do put the $480 Supporter Pack Hideout in the shop for 200 points, I really want the HO but not the rest.

Rant over. Overall you guys do amazing work and I love the game. I just needed to vent my disappointment in this marketing strategy.

If it was mentioned when the boxes came out that the items would be sold separately at a later date, please do correct me and I take it all back.


The Treasure Hunter Helmet from the current box is a good example. The Bronze version has a 3.57% drop rate. The Bismuth has a 0.36% chance to drop. 10x rarer to get the Bismuth. 1/278 vs 1/28. Yeah I'm not gambling to hope for the Bismuth version. I'll just wait and buy it for 140 points instead of the Bronze that'll be 120.
(Yes the odds change every time you open a box since there are no duplicates. The point stands)
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19 points left lol. What can I buy beside a Weta
Weta army is growing. Got body armor
thanks! :D got an amulet effect that visualises engergyshield. cool mtx
still got no box

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