3.20.2 Patch Notes Preview

"Changed sanctum from requiring 32 maps, to a reasonable number."
CTR+F apology
CTR+F melee fixes

NO results

Glad I skipped this season after a week, it just didn't get out of alpha.
Formally [Removed by Support] as my STANDARD map stash got frakked
keep up the great work , thanks for your kind effort to make this game better everyday.
Melee splash visual effect doesn't seem to be visible on Ancestral Protector. It's a great league, thank you!
so many times the game quit, it was really time you implement this feature, remembering playing with a chinese host a 5 way run and you get DCed, very slow but finally. good idea chris, now we just need a good league mechanics for next league no boring stuff like this one. THX
Where are 32 stored rooms? And Where is your Stash chest at the end of the Sanctum. In case you dont have enough Space. Where is the Portal that if you Crash during Lycia fight, to go back to the Reward room? So many improvements possible to the league, great league so far, but these tiny details would have made it even way way better. Also hoping this league mechanic becomes core somehow.
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I am sorry, I am not as familiar with all posts about Sanctum league as I would want but... is it safe to assume that Sanctum is going core with spectres being added that far into the league? <hype>
Smile! <3
WooW. QoL for Logout Marco skillers in party play. Ah suure. You like hard game XD
Thnats wrote:
Broliciously wrote:
Please fix Riposte 'not triggering but going on cooldown' bug!

you're probably just animation-cancelling it?

No? See: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3325519
Unarmed for life! (although I do like maces too recently)

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